Connor & Tom Fuck

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Connor & Tom Fuck

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Added: December 31, 2100 | Video Length: 20:11 Minutes | Photos: 16 Photos


It’s been a while since we’ve seen both Tom and Connor together. Yet the sexy jocks jump right into some fun together like no time at all had passed! With a liberator as their playground, the guys get down to some rough and hot play.

Tom sucks on Connor’s long, thick dick as the tall blonde straddles him from above. Then Connor sits on Tom and rubs their cocks together before bobbing up and down on his dick for a deep-throat sucking that makes Tom rock hard in no time! Connor eats him out and toys with his ass, licking from hole to tip while Tom’s moans both beg and challenge him for more!

Zoom in on Tom’s face as Connor penetrates him, having an assfull of Connor clearly turns him on. The two studs fuck aggressively with Tom taking all Connor has to give! Loud, meaty, and incredibly hot- the fun doesn’t stop until the Tom has Connor’s entire load fed to him!

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