Corbin's Halloween Bash

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Corbin's Halloween Bash

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Added: October 30, 2011 | Video Length: 27:32 Minutes | Photos: 24 Photos


When we throw a party at Corbin Fisher … we don't mess around! We had an awesome time getting into the Halloween spirit. We decorated the place and got some of our favorite studs together for some spooky, holiday fun.

Of course, what no one counted on was the surprise appearance of two devilish visitors! Two hot guys wearing devil masks and jockstraps came to the party and got Cowboy Connor and Ninja Cain horned up … and curious about who these guys were!

Cain takes the lead and leads one of them off. The other approaches Connor and they head to the bedroom. The devil throws Connor down on the bed, but in true Connor style, he quickly turns the table on the masked man.

As Connor nails his devil in the bedroom, Cain pounds his on the balcony. But neither guy could anticipate how things would end up!


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