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Added: October 31, 2005 | Video Length: 15:25 Minutes | Photos: 25 Photos


We've had no shortage of guys with extremely nice bodies here on CF (Do I sound immodest when saying that?). As those of you who've been members for awhile know, the entire package is what we look for when searching for guys to appear on here. Face, body (including cock and ass!), personality - are all very important to us.

So when I first saw Cory, he struck me as perfect CF material. He has a combination of all of the things we look for that I knew I liked right away. He's got a toned body that's both sexy and natural. Not too bulky, and not at all skinny. Defined, lean, and when he flexes those muscles he's a sight to behold. Although both are great, you can spot a body that's been toned and built through working out and hitting the gym and a body that's been fashioned simply through physical activity, being an athlete, and good genes. Cory's the latter. Not to mention the fact that he's got a cute little butt that just screams to get felt up! But that's not all! Even his tummy hair is a turn on!

And when you throw all those features into a person that has a boyishly cute face and innocent charm, you have your "entire package". While interviewing Cory at the start of this video, I kept hoping the looks he'd give the cameras and the way he spoke would come through on camera as they came through in person - sexy and cute, mischevious and innocent. I'll let you guys be the judge on whether this video captures those qualities.

Either way, seeing this cute, young, lean athlete with the scrumptious butt stroke one off on camera and splatter one lucky magazine with a big load is tons of fun!

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