Costa Rica: Dawson & Cain Tag The Twins

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Costa Rica: Dawson & Cain Tag The Twins

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Added: September 2, 2010 | Video Length: 21:35 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


The trip to Costa Rica was nothing less than amazing. As you see in some of the bonus footage, the guys had a great time out in the city, at the house and horsing around in the pool between shoots. And what awesome shoots they were ...

The Central American sun shines through the glass doors. It's a gorgeous, hot day. We're miles and miles from home. There's four stunning guys on the bed. Two twins. One has never been fucked before. That's a formula for paradise!

While everyone is enjoying the hot weather, Luca says he likes it hot and sweaty. Dawson is going to break in his brother Liam, who's never had dick inside him. Cain says, "I want some of that too." The tropical fever is getting to everyone here, making them hornier than usual. I tell him everybody's going to get their chance.

The swimsuits come off and the twins suck their respective tops. Dawson and Cain stand back to back on the bed, looking like two muscle gods being worshipped by their followers. Cain skullfucks Luca while Dawson feeds Liam every inch of his dick.

After a few minutes, Dawson suggests they trade things up, so the twins switch partners. Now Liam is blowing Cain's uncut cock and Luca sucks Dawson. Cain says it's better than a girl sucking them and Dawson agrees.

Cain comments on Liam's talented tongue and Dawson calls Luca a "dirty boy." Ready to fuck, the twins are in the wrong places, so Dawson switches them back over. First-timer Liam lubes up Dawson's cock generously and then works his virgin hole down onto his dick, saying "You gotta be easy on me."

The two brothers slide down the two poles at the same time. Dawson's experienced cock opens Liam up gently, but the newbie is soon able to take more and more. Dawson says "I'm gonna make you my bitch."

Luca is barely able to take Cain's big uncut cock, but as Cain starts thrusting upwards, he groans in intense pleasure. He sneaks a look at his brother's virgin ass getting plowed. Luca is setting a good example, because Liam is riding Dawson's dick for all he's worth. He says it hurts "so good!"

Cain puts his dick deep inside Luca, then he wants to pound the freshly-opened Liam. "Oh my god, he's so fucking tight!" Cain exclaims. Luca rides Dawson, bouncing up and down on him. The tops then flip both twins on their backs.

Liam's dick sticks straight up as Dawson fucks him, and his abs tighten with every thrust. He holds onto the bed and looks over at Cain jackhammering his brother. Ultimately, it's Luca that ends up jizzing first, squirting cum onto his rock-hard abs, as Cain continues to thrust away.

Liam congratulates his brother on a good job and then Dawson's pounding makes him cum just as much as Luca. As Dawson says, these guys are definitely twins!

Dawson buries his cock deeply in Liam's ass. He asks Liam how it felt coming with a cock up his ass for the first time. Liam responds, "Delicious!" And these tops aren't done serving yet.

Dawson shoots his load in Liam's mouth, and an extra spurt of cum sprays across his cheek. Cain shoots all over Luca's face and then directly into Luca's throat. Both twins suck their tops' dicks dry. The perfect ending to a perfect day in paradise!

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