Costa Rica: The Twins Tag Travis

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Costa Rica: The Twins Tag Travis

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Added: May 27, 2010 | Video Length: 17:26 Minutes | Photos: 19 Photos


Not only is this video the second release from our trip down to Costa Rica, but it also happens to feature some insanely hot action and quite the milestone for CF's twins, Liam and Luca! Both of the twins, along with Travis, joined us on our trip out of the country and all three had themselves a blast while there! Not only did they all have some fun exploring Costa Rica, but you'll see here that they had some incredible fun in the bedroom! What's more, Liam does something he's never done before - fuck another guy!

If it was just studly young Liam fucking another guy, that would be impressive enough in and of itself! We've seen this straight stud get in to some oral fun with another guy here at CF before, but he's never buried his own cock in another guy's tight ass! All that changes now, however, as he fucks Travis! Not only does he fuck Travis, though, but he also does it with his brother, Luca, right there with him! It must be pretty wild getting in to some hardcore fun with another guy for the very first time while your twin brother is not only right there with you, but also joining in on the action!

For his part, Luca looked totally blown away by the fact that it was all going on! He never thought his twin brother would be up for hardcore action with a guy, much less that he'd be right there to witness it and also be a part of it! To say the least, it was wild for all three of these guys!

An image that will forever stick in my mind after this hot session is that of Travis bouncing up and down, hard and fast, on Liam's cock. Every time Liam thrusts up in to Travis' ass, Travis' stiff dick gets driven deeper in to Luca's hungry mouth!

Another insanely hot image from the action is Travis' load! While getting fucked by Luca and getting jerked off by Liam, Travis starts to spray cum everywhere - and I mean everywhere! His dick just doesn't stop shooting, and cum is flying all over the place! If that wasn't enough, both Liam and Luca end up drenching Travis with their own loads immediately thereafter!

As eagerly as Liam sucked, fucked, and kissed Travis, it was obvious he was quite glad to have decided to try some hardcore guy/guy fun! As turned on as Luca was to see his brother taking such a big step and being right there for it all, he really had himself an amazing time with it all as well! And as much as Travis clearly loved taking on both the twins' cocks and getting fucked by one brother right after the other, he could not have looked any hotter or content!

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