Darin's First Time

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Darin's First Time

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Added: January 7, 2009 | Video Length: 18:49 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


Knowing just what a sexual guy Darin is, I'd been looking forward to the prospect of filming him in action with another guy since first filming his solo. I had the suspicion it could be a pretty hot thing to watch, what with his being a very horny guy and having a nice, thick dick to work with!

Getting all that to happen was the only real issue! He wasn't entirely eager to give it a shot when I first approached him about it. This isn't to say he was entirely opposed or hating the idea. Far from it! It's just that he didn't really see the need to do it. He was more than satisfied with his healthy and active sex life with girls. Ultimately, the fact that some pretty good money could be made by doing it, as well as his rather adventurous nature led to his deciding to give it a shot. Again, Darin's a horny young man and has quite the sex drive. So he figured a new experience wouldn't hurt and, if nothing else, he could chalk it down as an adventure he'd tried out and experienced!

Turns out he quite enjoyed the experience and had himself some fun! Being so open minded sexually and so willing to experience new things he was able to quickly get over any of the usual hang-ups guys often have and just go with the flow. While some guys, their first time around, spend some time trying to balance the mental hesitation with the physical enthusiasm, Darin didn't really have that problem. His dick liked what was going on, so the rest of him just followed!

Derek loved the experience of breaking in Darin, as well! We all know just how much Derek enjoys getting fucked and how enthusiastic and energetic he can be, and the prospect of taking Darin's thick dick for a ride had him loving things! Once Derek's cock got hard - which happened pretty early on - it stayed that way throughout! Even if he didn't touch it, it was still fully stiff and pulsing! Indeed, by the time Derek gets on his back, legs in the air, with Darin pounding his hole, it only takes a few seconds of jerking himself off before he's blasting his load all over himself!

Seeing the bottom so thoroughly love the experience can't help but have an impact upon just how much the top enjoys his first time, and Darin clearly got off on the entire experience!

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