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Dave Fucks Connor

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Dave Fucks Connor

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Added: September 8, 2008 | Video Length: 24:39 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


This is only the 2nd time Connor has ever bottomed, and knowing that would be the case when I was trying to decide just who would do the honors and top Connor here, Dave was one of the first guys that came to mind. The more and more I thought about having Dave fuck Connor, the more and more I looked forward to filming that pairing as so many things came to mind as having the potential to really make it a fun and hot video.

Firstly, there is a great contrast between the two guys. Though both are incredibly hot, Connor is a good deal taller than Dave. Further, Connor has that blond hair and light features while Dave is a brunette. I get a lot of e-mails from members who mention really liking that kind of contrast between guys on screen and in pairings and so this was an ideal opportunity to deliver just that!

Secondly, Dave is always energetic, eager, and ready to go! There was no doubt he'd have himself some fun here and put on a hot show. Connor took a little while to get fully comfortable in front of the cameras and with other guys, especially. But his first time bottoming for Lucas showed that, while on the receiving end, Connor was surprisingly at ease and his expressions betrayed some real pleasure and excitement! So teaming up these two, with Dave on top and Connor on bottom, was going to make for a hot session!

There were many other reasons I was eager to see this pairing, but those two were really the main ones that sealed the deal!

As the guys got started, they were each incredibly comfortable with one another and definitely turned on by what was happening. Looking up from below as Connor strokes his hard dick while sucking Dave is one that I'm going to have in my head for a long, long time!! :) As they get up on the bench and Dave slides his dick into Connor's ass - before prepping it for awhile with some deep fingering! - we're treated to Connor's hot facial expressions and noises, which we first saw when he was on the receiving end of a furious pounding from Lucas. Make no mistake, Connor is showing a definite fondness for getting fucked! Likewise, Dave was showing an incredible fondness for fucking Connor! Whatever Dave's dick was doing to Connor's hole must have been just right, as Connor ends up shooting a load that almost took him by surprise, before Dave spills his own load across Connor's tight, smooth abs!

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