Dave Fucks Travis

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Dave Fucks Travis

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Added: June 25, 2008 | Video Length: 18:16 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


If there's anyone CF fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of, it's Dave!

CF studs are indeed amateur college men, with most all having school, jobs, or other commitments and coming out to visit us once in awhile to film some hot sex. This is the case with Dave, as he's quite the busy guy at home. He had a pretty hectic schedule for a long while that never quite matched up with making it out to shoot. Thankfully, though, he and I stay in pretty close touch and recently everything aligned just right to enable him to make it back out to shoot after a long break. I couldn't have been happier!

Dave is a horny young guy, and doesn't shy away from admitting the fact that he loves sex. Even if he didn't admit it, however, it would be plainly obvious from watching him in action! It's as if he's totally overcome by lust and gets hornier and hornier with every lick, pump and thrust. Certainly, he seems to enjoy kissing as much as anyone could!

For his part, Travis has truly discovered what a horny young man he is! Since his first timid and awkward moments with another guy before all of our eyes, he has become one of the hottest and most energetic guys we've ever shot! Unlike the shy laughter that seemed his trademark at first, he now doesn't hold back from asking to - even begging to! - get fucked harder!

He recently admitted to me, as we know a couple other guys have, that he feels like he's on the verge of orgasm the entire time he's getting fucked. Just seeing him on his back, legs in the air, with Dave drilling his hole in this video shows that off perfectly, as Travis has this look on his face that entire time that he's expecting to shoot his load any moment. There's just no denying the fact that this stud loves to get fucked!

So, here we get to rediscover just what a treat Dave is to see in action after his long break, and also observe Travis's latest step in discovering that he absolutely loves getting fucked!

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