Dawson Fucks TJ

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Dawson Fucks TJ

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Added: October 5, 2006 | Video Length: 19:56 Minutes | Photos: 10 Photos


Well, this is one that we've all been eagerly anticipating! TJ's blown a lot of people away since he first appeared here on CF, and it's no surprise why! He's got a stunning face, a tight bod, and a great cock that we were all thrilled to see Logan bobbing up and down on, and then see drilling Logan's hole! When TJ first came to shoot with us, I was insanely excited about the prospect of this hot young straight guy taking a shot at messing around with another guy for us, and could hardly contain my excitement when he agreed to jerk off side by side with his best bud Ben, let a guy blow him for the first time ever, and then pound Logan in what was truly an intense fuck session! I could hardly believe, even after all the straight studs we've had give the CF Education the old college try, that TJ was doing all of this!

And when he finally agreed, after weeks and weeks of my asking and offering, to get fucked by another hot young straight stud for us all to see, I was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement! I knew that of all the other straight studs in our stable, I'd have to pair TJ up with Dawson for his first ever bottoming experience, as the combination would really be an amazing site and Dawson would be the perfect one to pop TJ's cherry!

Here it is! The video many of us have been waiting for a long, long time! TJ finally taking the leap to bottoming, and CF superstar Dawson being the one to give it to him! I'm not going to go into too many details here in the intro about how it all progresses and just how intense the action is, as I'll let ya watch the vid to see it all for yourself!! :)

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