Derek's 3-Way

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Derek's 3-Way

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Added: March 24, 2011 | Video Length: 18:55 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


When a scene starts out with everyone's hands down their pants … you know it's only going to get hotter! We haven't shot a good-old fashioned 3-way in a while. And what better way to help welcome Derek back to CF than with a hot threesome with Dawson and Kenny?

Dawson and Derek reminisce about some of the hot scenes they've been part of - like the infamous strip poker game and when Dawson fucked him on the floor of the gym. That's a lot to live up to – but I'm confident Derek is up to the challenge!

The clothes fly off. Dawson and Derek kiss passionately. Derek and Kenny kiss. The guys' hands and lips roam all over each others' bodies eagerly. Dawson lays down to suck Derek's cock. Kenny's dick is rock hard and sticking out of his underwear as he goes down on Dawson.

Dawson tells Kenny to fuck Derek while he and Derek are 69ing each other. Kenny slides his cock into Derek's tight hole. He pounds Derek hard, but Derek doesn't stop blowing Dawson's hot cock.

Derek says it's his turn to fuck Kenny. Dawson stands over Kenny to feed him his dick. Derek shoves his big cock into Kenny's ass. Dawson jerks Kenny's cock for him. Dawson and Derek kiss as they stuff Kenny full of cock from both ends.

Derek rides Dawson in a reverse-cowboy. Dawson loves fucking that tight ass after so long. Kenny jerks Derek and kisses his nipple, before kissing him again.

Kenny sucks Derek's cock as Dawson drills up into his ass. Derek can't hold out any longer. He shoots his load. Kenny eats it up, going down on him to get every bit of cum.

Dawson continues to jackhammer Derek. He pulls out and blasts his load. Kenny sucks his cock dry as well. Dawson's leg shakes as Kenny licks every drop of cum off his shaft!

The guys kiss. Dawson says fucking Derek was just as good as he remembered. After that intense scene, the guys definitely need a shower.

Under the hot water, Dawson soaps up both guys' dicks … and then ends up sucking on both of them. He also soaps up Derek's ass while Derek cleans up Kenny's. It's great to have friends like that!

The hot water (and the towels) don't last long, though – and poor Kenny gets only a hand towel! Don't worry, we'll make sure he gets dried off before the next time.

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