Dirk Gets Fucked

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Dirk Gets Fucked

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Added: December 23, 2004 | Video Length: 18:50 Minutes | Photos: 25 Photos


Our Christmas update is a special one...one that I have been working hard at getting for you the last few months. Dirk, a bona fide straight boy, with no prior inclination to swing the other way, has been expanding his sexual horizons - namely the same sex kind - here at CF.

A few months ago, I talked him into getting a blowjob from Pete...of course I practiced the mysterious "art" of opening my checkbook to help make this feat possible -- because after all, a true straight boy isn't gonna do something like that unless there is a very good paycheck involved -- don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Even with the money, he was apprehensive at the thought of it - but it turned out he liked Pete's skilled suckjob after all.

After we finished his BJ, I made him an offer to take things further. Dirk told me at the time that getting a BJ was probably as far as he would be willing to go - and that while he MAY top a guy at some point, under no circumstances would he bottom...I'm not one to put the hard sell on a friend, so I gave him some time to think about it. Fast forward a month, and Dirk called me up. He said he thought it over and was willing to explore some more with Petey boy.

That hot fuck scene, "Dirk Fucks Pete", started off a bit awkward since it was his first time plowing another guy in the ass - but he was soon pounding the bejeezus out of Pete and really getting into it before blowing a huge load...he commented afterwards how fucking Pete's ass was better than fucking most girls he had been with...he loved how Pete's tight ass felt wrapped around his own straight boy cock.

I thought that would be the end of the road because Dirk was adamant all along he would not "stick anything up his ass" that "he just couldn't do it"...but after trying and enjoying both the BJ and topping Pete, Dirk said he would CONSIDER bottoming, if the money was right and if I would pair him up with someone less endowed than Pete. :)

Well, I had a less endowed guy lined up, but he had to cancel at the last minute....lucky for us, Dirk had already made plans for the money I would be paying him. I told him that Pete was the only one available on short notice - and to my surprise - he agreed to bottom for Pete's monster dick!! He told me that he would "just grab the sheets a little tighter"...

You will have to watch the video to see the rest of the story! This is a genuine straight boy enjoying the pleasure of being deflowered by another guy for the very first time!!


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