Dru Fucks Carter

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Dru Fucks Carter

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Added: October 14, 2010 | Video Length: 17:25 Minutes | Photos: 21 Photos


Dru always loves to hang out and get rowdy with the new freshmen. So when he gets the chance to play with newbie Carter – he doesn't waste any time! He kisses Carter passionately, pulling him close. Dru unzips his pants to free his already rock-hard cock.

Carter starts sucking Dru's cock. Always dominant, Dru makes Carter feel his ass and chest as he deepthroats his dick. Then, Dru goes down on Carter, sucking that long cock as hard as he can.

They kiss again. Suddenly, Dru's got Carter on his knees and grabs the lube. I can't remember when we've ever had someone ramp up to the fucking so quickly. Dru was really anxious to tap that ass!

But Dru is still a gentleman about it. He eases into Carter's tight hole. He slides in with precision and lets Carter enjoy every inch. Dru tells Carter he's going to go faster. He pounds up against Carter's beautiful, muscular ass.

Carter grunts and moans in sheer pleasure. He's loving the fact that he gets to give up his ass to the studly upperclassman. Dru fucks that ass fast and hard, then slows down the pace. Dru tells Carter to look at him while he's getting fucked. While he does that, Dru also spanks Carter's ass and fucks him faster.

Holding on to Carter's hips, Dru penetrates deeper. He makes Carter arch his back. Dru starts hammering faster. Carter doesn't stop moaning with pleasure.

Carter gets on his side and Dru slides back in. They stare at each other, hungry for each other's muscled bodies. Carter's tight ass grips Dru's big cock. They guys kiss again, unable to get enough of each other.

They look so hot together and they sound hot too. Carter's not shy about making noise – and we know Dru loves to tell guys what to do! Dru plunges in and out of Carter's ass. Dru's own tight butt flexes as he fucks Carter, faster and faster.

“You gonna come for me?” Dru asks. I don't think Carter has a choice! From the look on Carter's face, Dru has him riding an orgasmic wave. He doesn't want it to stop, but he wants to come, too.

“Here it comes!” he says. Carter paints his ripped abs with cum. Dru fucked a huge load out of him! Dru keeps fucking him, then pulls out to shoot his own wet and sticky load onto Carter's crotch. Dru kisses him and tells him that was intense. Carter agrees and they are both hungry, and head to the kitchen.

In the bonus kitchen footage, the guys make sandwiches wearing only towels. Dru's drops and he laughs. “Nothing you haven't seen before,” he says. They guys talk about sports and what mayonnaise reminds them of. Dru also wants to check out Carter's skills on the basketball court. I think we need to take the cameras outside for that, too!

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