Dru Fucks Jarrett

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Dru Fucks Jarrett

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Added: February 8, 2011 | Video Length: 21:26 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


New freshman Jarrett told us he is usually a top. In fact, he's only bottomed twice before. But with Dru around, “there can be only one!” Or in this case … a third!

Dru kisses Jarrett passionately. Not just on the lips but on his ear, neck, bicep … hitting every spot he can on this cute new freshman.

Dru pulls out his big dick, and Jarrett deepthroats the big dick that will be fucking him. He does a great job, which Dru appreciates – not just with words, but also by returning the favor! He strokes and sucks Jarrett's own impressive cock.

These two hot blond guys look great 69ing each other. Dru has him suck his balls. Then Dru goes to work sucking Jarrett's toes. Jarrett licks Dru's ass while Dru continues to suck Jarrett's toes. Our newbie is jumping in head (and tail) first to his CF education!

Jarrett gets on all fours so Dru can pound him doggy-style. Dru teases Jarrett's hole with his cock head and it makes Dru start pre-cumming. He keeps on teasing, making Jarrett want it even more.

Dru slides his long dick inside Jarrett. “Oh yeah, take my cock,” he tells Jarrett. Dru's loving how tight this top's ass feels.

Jarrett tells Dru his cock is hard from getting fucked by him. Dru pulls his head back by the hair and starts slamming into him harder.

“I see why this is your favorite position,” Dru tells him. Jarrett backs up into Dru, taking every inch of his cock. He holds Jarrett up against him, then pushes him back down onto the bed.

Dru slides into Jarrett sideways, and kisses him. He drills Jarrett's hole, kissing his face and neck as he pounds into him. Jarrett strokes his cock.

Jarrett keeps smiling as Dru fucks him. Dru hammers away at Jarrett's hole. The guys kiss and Dru fucks him in the missionary position. Jarrett jerks his dick, his head almost off the edge of the bed as Dru fucks his ass harder.

Dru fucks a huge load out of Jarrett! It shoots up and out over his stomach. Dru keeps fucking Jarrett. He blasts his load all over Jarrett's face and into his mouth. Jarrett sucks Dru's cock dry, and Dru wipes the cum off Jarrett's face and feeds it to him as well.

Dru kisses his cum-drenched face. Guess third time is definitely a charm!

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