Dru Fucks Simon

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Dru Fucks Simon

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Added: November 10, 2009 | Video Length: 21:23 Minutes | Photos: 17 Photos


I've been having a whole lot of fun filming Dru in action and, judging by some of the e-mails we've gotten from members, people have been having a lot of fun seeing him in action! He has an incredible sexual energy that is very apparent in his videos, and I have no doubt the CF studs he's been partnered with so far have come away from those sessions thoroughly satisfied... and sore!

Here, it's Simon's turn to take on Dru's big dick and be on the receiving end of his intense sexual energy. Simon's come quite a long way since first arriving at CF, and that certainly helps here as he's going to need every ounce of energy and stamina to take on Dru!

From the get go, Simon looks like he's more than ready for the task at hand! He eagerly sucks Dru's dick, keeping those lips of his locked on Dru's cock as Dru starts to fuck his face. When Dru gets Simon on to his back so he can suck his dick, the pleasure is obvious on Simon's face as Dru swallows his cock and bobs up and down on it!

We know Dru is quite the passionate kisser, and he and Simon don't hold back in locking lips as often as possible and mixing their tongues up in some deep, wet kisses! Soon enough, Simon is totally ready to take Dru's dick in him, and the two break from kissing long enough for Simon to throw his legs up in the air and present his hole to Dru. Dru wastes no time in sliding his dick in to Simon's ass and fucking him with long, deep strokes.

I was quite surprised by just how much Simon was loving it at this point! He can't help but smile a bit as he stares up at Dru, reaching down to grab on to Dru's ass and pull him in to him deeper! He even grabs Dru's head to pull his face down so they can kiss, as Dru continues to pump in and out of his ass!

Once Simon bends over the sofa so Dru can fuck him from behind, his moans and groans start to get louder and louder, "It feels so good!" occasionally escaping his lips. I think this is certainly the loudest Simon's ever been in front of our cameras, and I can hardly blame him for moaning so loudly given the hot fuck he's taking!

As hot as they look in that position, getting the guys back down on to the sofa, this time on their sides as Dru fucks Simon from behind, looks even better! Simon's again able to look Dru in the eyes and lean in to kiss him as he gets fucked, Dru pumping his hole hard. As Simon's dick gets harder and harder, he's soon moaning that he's going to cum and then does just that, whimpering and gasping while blowing a load all over his abs! Dru gives him some more fast, hard pumps before it's obvious he's about to cum, as well! He pulls out and moves around so he can cover Simon's body in more cum!

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