Dru Fucks Trey

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Dru Fucks Trey

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Added: June 15, 2010 | Video Length: 20:12 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


If you're a fan of hot, intense kissing, you're going to love this one! Come to think of it… fans of hot sucking and fucking are also going to love this one, as there's plenty of it all! Trey experiences that first hand as Dru fucks him hard and deep in this hot video!

Every single time we see Trey getting fucked, he looks like he's just loving it more and more! He went from initial hesitation about the thought of getting fucked to truly looking forward to it and enjoying it every time it happens! You just have to hear his whimpers and screams as he blows a load while Dru is pounding him doggy style!

Dru also has himself loads of fun, working over Trey's ass all over the bed and pounding that load out of him. Finally, after Trey's shoots his load, Dru gets him on to his back and jerks his dick right in front of his face before blasting his own load out all over - a load Trey hungrily licks up before sucking even more out of Dru's dripping cock!

With these two, things wouldn't be complete without a hot, wet kiss to finish it all off!

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