Duncan's First Time

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Duncan's First Time

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Added: February 9, 2012 | Video Length: 26:19 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


I wasn't sure we could swing this … but thanks to Duncan's love of a challenge we got him to fuck a guy!

Duncan was pretty nervous on camera in his first scene with Ashley. I worried that he might chicken out at the last minute, or not be able to get hard. I knew Kenny would be the perfect choice to help Duncan cross over!

Kenny is incredibly laid back. That, and his experience here at CF makes new freshman comfortable and allows him to ease guys into trying new things. Duncan was game to try out guy/guy action, though he did say he'd never even held a guy's hand before. Pete immediately tells them to hold hands. “Step one,” Kenny laughs.

The guys kiss and from there on, it was smooth sailing for Duncan! He lies on the bed and Kenny kisses his nipples and stomach. Duncan's cock is already hard as Kenny sucks and kisses it through Duncan's underwear.

Kenny sucks Duncan's dick. He goes down slowly, taking Duncan's shaft in his mouth. Kenny licks Duncan's nuts, which makes Duncan shiver. “That's my spot,” he says.

Duncan takes Kenny's cock in his mouth and sucks his first dick. He sucks and strokes Kenny's cock. He asks if he's doing okay and Kenny tells him he is! And Duncan is enjoying it, from the look of his rock-hard dick.

Kenny has Duncan stick out his tongue. Kenny slaps his cock against it, then sticks it back in Duncan's mouth. Kenny kisses him and then gets on all fours so Duncan can slide his dick into his ass.

Duncan watches himself fuck Kenny in the mirror. He shoves his cock deep into Kenny, pounding away at his tight ass. Duncan lies on his back and Kenny climbs on top of his dick.

Kenny rides Duncan's cock. Duncan drills up into Kenny's ass. Duncan gets Kenny on his back and fucks him missionary style. Duncan fucks a huge load out of Kenny. Cum splatters all over his stomach.

Duncan pulls out and blasts his cum all over Kenny's ripped abs as well. Duncan says his first time was exciting. The guys head for the shower to clean up and talk about Duncan's favorite part of his first time.

Looks like we'll get to see this hot stud in action again, since he liked it so much!

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