Dylan's First Time

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Dylan's First Time

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Added: November 5, 2008 | Video Length: 16:04 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


Dylan's the latest, straight CF hottie to give hardcore guy/guy action a shot!!

One of the great things about Dylan is that, despite his looking so young, he's actually quite the mature and self-aware 21 year old. So he was surprisingly chill and comfortable with the idea of giving guy/guy action a shot and had a pretty rational and realistic attitude about it all - he pretty much knew that if there was going to be a lot of money to be made in porn, it'd likely have to involve doing stuff with guys. Granted, he definitely prefers girls and was nonetheless pretty nervous about the prospect of getting it on with a guy for the very first time (on camera, no less!) but he also had a, "Might as well give it a shot and see what happens!" attitude about it all. I love it when a guy has that attitude! :)

You can even see that when I talked with him at the start of this video. While clearly a bit nervous, he also couldn't help but smile and laugh a bit about the entire situation. I think he was getting quite the kick out of the fact that it was all taking place!

Determining which guy should be a straight stud's first is always a pretty nerve-racking decision for me. It's key that a straight guy has a fun time their first time around and really experiences some intense physical pleasure if they're going to give it another go! Joel is perfect for such a task!

While Dylan likes to show off, he has quite the high sex drive and headed into this vid with a pretty open-minded attitude, I could still tell that he was quite nervous about it. I knew that Joel would take charge of things and really lead the way, which can be key with a new straight guy! Whereas the straight guy may not be willing to be as aggressive and outgoing during their first time as you'd hope, a super-eager partner can help offset all of that with a great deal of energy, enthusiasm, and the ability to take the reins to make sure things happen!

From the looks of Joel bouncing up and down on Dylan's cock, Joel definitely took the reins here! And from the looks of how hard Dylan's dick was while buried deep in Joel's ass, Dylan was feeling good! Indeed, Dylan was even rock-hard by the time Joel pulls his boxers off early on in this video! There's also a point in the action where Dylan went from visibly being hesitant and even unwilling to reach out and touch Joel - letting his cock be the only real point of contact - to actually putting his hands on Joel's legs and caressing them a bit. It was really at that point that Dylan let the good feelings take over and really got into things! His moans made that all the more clear!

When a guy clearly enjoys their first time, it's a good sign! I'm hoping it'll mean we will see plenty more of Dylan!

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