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Eric Fucks Jude

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Eric Fucks Jude

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Added: July 7, 2005 | Video Length: 26:34 Minutes | Photos: 19 Photos


I spend a good portion of each day reading and responding to subscriber feedback (thank you to all those who take time to write - and an even bigger thank you to those of you who keep your feedback polite even if you are writing to complain! I'm human too! :) Doing this helps me keep in touch with what you guys want to see here at CF! So it was pretty apparent when I first put straight stud Eric on the site and started receiving hundreds of requests for more of him that I would have to get this stud back for more work!

Eric is a pretty meticulous guy -- a true "metrosexual" if there ever was one. He takes care of himself physically and takes pride in his appearance (a nice trait lacking in many otherwise hot straight guys IMHO) - enough so that one would incorrectly assume at first glance he wasn't straight.

When he arrived at the studio, I myself was initially thinking "we will just see how straight you are over the next few days". I gave him plenty of opportunity to "fess up" through the course of several meals where the drinks flowed freely, where he was given choices of titty or gay porn to beat off to, and where we had several indepth conversations about various girls he was majorly in to. And not one time in 3 days did he give ANY indication that he was the slightest bit interested in guys - in fact he was a huge flirt with the girls wherever we went and he even managed to score a couple of phone numbers! So I figured his solo work would be it, but I went ahead and made him an offer for additional scenes.

When he got back home, he called me up and said he would definitely be up for doing a girl - and MAYBE receive a BJ from a guy...but he was dead set on doing anything more than that...and even that would have to wait until the end of the I bided my time as you guys kept piling on the requests for more of him.

The end of his semester finally rolled around and I was able to get him back in my studio. I had several of my signature straight guys in that weekend to hang out -- Jude, Dirk, Cody, Lucas, addition to Bianca who was flirting with all of them. Each of the other straight guys had already tried (and enjoyed) gay sex. So in that setting, Eric grew more willing to give it a try.

The first scene we filmed was the Bi Tag Team - loaded earlier this week. And Eric wasted no time getting in and eating Bianca out - a task very few truly gay boys would have the stomach to do themselves -- and voraciously fucking any remaining doubt on his sexuality quickly evaporated. Bianca's skilled presence and the reassurance of the other straight guys seemed to do the trick, because Eric started sucking his first dick and while it was plainly evident that he didn't know the first thing about giving a blowjob, his straight boy lips were nonetheless locked around another guy's dick for the first time in his life! He even kissed A.J. several times while attending to Bianca simultaneously.

When he finished the scene, he said it was in fact pleasurable -- although it was still wierd having those pleasurable feelings from another guy. To my delight, he agreed at that point to take things a step further - although he advised that would probably be the last step.

I wanted to pair him up with someone that had been in his position before...and Jude was a natural choice to be the teacher! I gave the guys some titty mags to warm up with (yes, I know I need to get some new ones ;) before starting their scene. My only instruction to both of them was to let things flow and not to be afraid to enjoy the pleasure they would be feeling!

I know I have a winner of an update when my entire crew is sporting woodies that show through their pants while filming...and this scene caused some raging hard ons! There are very few things finer than watching a couple of STRAIGHT guys go at it and enjoy it! So that is all I'm gonna say on what happened -- you will need to watch the video for the rest of the story!

Before I go, I have a word for all of you JADED folks out there with theories on whether straight guys can actually be straight and still do gay porn. A good friend of mine who has been in the industry awhile said this to me when we were on the topic:

"These are the same kinds of gay guys that bitch and moan about 'closeminded, homophobic' straight guys who aren't willing to experiment with other guys or find out how pleasurable sex with a guy can be and say more straight guys should learn to seperate orientation from action and be open minded... and then turn around and scream bloody murder when someone actually does it. Calling them a closet case and phoney. Pfft!"

And I couldn't agree more! I try to give you guys every opportunity I can think of to demonstrate without a doubt that straight is STRAIGHT here at CF...jerking off to titty porn, eating and fucking the bejeezus out of a girl, and even showing the "unguarded" behind the scenes footage of the guys just being themselves, etc...but I've come to accept there are always going to be a few SEPTICS (misspelling intentional) out there that simply can't fit a straight guy enjoying gay sex into their reality...and those types are truly missing out.

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