Feeding Kent A Load

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Feeding Kent A Load

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Added: August 16, 2012 | Video Length: 20:06 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


Cain and Kent are, in day-to-day life, two of the most relaxed and chilled-out guys I've ever met. That changes the minute they get into bed with anyone. Cain's aggressive nature comes out and he's ready to fuck or get fucked like crazy.

Kent's only a little more reserved! He is an extremely passionate guy, about sex, studying – everything. He jokes around and hangs out, but once his clothes come off – watch out!

So it's no surprise that the second I put these two studs together, they were all over each other like hungry wolves! The shirts fly off and Cain kisses all over Kent's body. Kent's the same, eager to get into Cain's pants and stroke his cock.

Neither of them let up from the start. Kent went down on Cain's big cock, pausing only to lick his way up Cain's ripped abs before going back to swallows that dick.

Kent strokes their dicks together, and plays with Cain's nuts. He feeds Cain his cock, still stroking Cain. Kent gets into a pushup position to shove his dick deeper into Cain's mouth. Kent rims Cain out, getting his tight ass ready for his cock.

Kent slides his dick into Cain. He pounds away at Cain's ass, pushing Cain's feet over his head. Cain smacks Kent's ass as Kent fucks him.

Cain gets on top of Kent and rides his cock. He bounces his meaty ass up and down. Kent grabs Cain's discarded underwear and collars him with it, pulling him down deeper onto his dick. Cain rubs Kents pecs as he gets fucked.

Cain blows his huge load into Kent's mouth. He bends over onto the couch and has Kent spit the load out onto his ass to lube it up for Kent to fuck him again.

Kent rams Cain's ass until he's ready to blow. Kent pulls out, blasts his load onto Cain's ass and finishes him off with a creampie!

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