Harley Rides Travis

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Harley Rides Travis

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Added: December 22, 2011 | Video Length: 20:13 Minutes | Photos: 21 Photos


Ever since Harley applied to CF, we've been excited about him! Aside from his lean-muscled body and hot, uncut dick, this guy has one of the greatest attitudes you could hope to find. Harley is incredibly easygoing, and surprised us with how open he was to jumping into some guy/guy action.

This ex-military guy has incredible blue eyes and such awesome lips, you just want to see them wrapped around a nice big dick – and now, we get to see him start off his education by sucking a superstar veteran – Travis!

Before new freshman Harley hops on Travis, though, he talks with me a little bit about how much he's enjoyed his first experience at CF. He was a little nervous, but as you'll see, his natural enthusiasm quickly took over.

Harley and Travis kiss. Harley has never touched a guy before, and you can tell he wasn't sure what to expect from kissing a guy. But he smiled, and laughed as Travis gets their shirts off, - so I think he liked it!

Harley has no inhibitions about touching Travis' tight muscles. And of course, Travis enjoys kissing and licking all over Harley's ripped body. The guys kiss again.

Travis feels Harley's cock through his jeans. They joke about Harley's belt being a chastity belt that's about to get broken. Travis plays with Harley's dick through his underwear, rubbing it and sucking it. He pulls the underwear aside to suck on Harley's nuts.

Harley moans and leans back. He looks up to watch a guy lick his balls for the first time. Harley's uncut dick is already hard by the time the the shorts come off.

Travis goes down on Harley's cock, then kisses Harley again. “Now I want you to taste me,” Travis says. He stands up and feeds his dick to Harley.

Harley sucks Travis' cock and strokes it as he jerks himself. Travis pulls his dick away from Harley's mouth, then slaps Harley's tongue with it.

Travis gets down to kiss Harley. He strokes their cocks together and pushes Harley flat on the bed to eat out his ass. He slides a finger into Harley's virgin ass, getting it prepped for his cock. He teases Harley's hole with the head of his cock.

Harley moans as Travis pushes his long cock into his ass. Travis asks if he feels it. “Yeah, I feel it,” Harley smiles. Harley jerks his cock as Travis pumps his dick into him faster.

Travis hammers Harley faster. I'm amazed Harley is able to take such a great pounding his first time! Travis slows things down, then ramps up the speed again. He drives down deep inside Harley. Travis tells Harley to get on top of him.

Harley climbs up and doesn't get to even sit on Travis, before Travis is drilling up into him! He slams every inch of that long cock into Harley's ass.

Soon, Harley sprays his load on Travis! It shoots up into Travis' face! Harley rolls off and Travis shoots his own huge load. Cum splatters all the way up to his chest. He kisses Harley as Harley helps jerk the last few drops of cum out of Travis' cock.

Looks like Harley had a good ride!

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