Jake's Swim

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Jake's Swim

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Added: December 26, 2005 | Video Length: 13:57 Minutes | Photos: 19 Photos


I'll tell you what... this young man has an amazing cock. And I've seen a lot of cock (all within a professional context, of course!). The first time we filmed Jake, I most definitely was impressed when he pulled off his clothes and showed off not only a chiseled chest, but quite a nice set of cock and balls.

But during this shoot in the pool, I found myself appreciating just what a nice dick Jake has all the more! Perhaps it was the setting - soaking wet in the pool, swimming around and having that hard meat poke out above the water - that made it really stand out to me. I can just picture him stripping off for some hot sex session, his partner already eager and excited by his hot face and captivating eyes, then made to drool all the more when they see his pecs and abs, and then really made giddy and blown away when he pulls those shorts down to reveal that thick dick and hefty nuts.

Jake's certainly a stud! I'd imagine he kicked up the temperature of the water in the pool a good deal just by being in it. And then raised the water level a few notches after blowing a nice big load in there!

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