Jamie Fucks Travis

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Jamie Fucks Travis

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Added: January 21, 2010 | Video Length: 23:31 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


Yes, your psychic powers work! When we were all first introduced to Jamie and his 10 inch, massively thick dick, a great many of you almost demanded we get Travis to bottom for him and even expressed just how eager you were to see that very thing happen! We all know Travis is an awesome bottom and thoroughly loves to get fucked, so there was just no way we were going to let a big, thick, 10 inch cock find it's way to CF without it also finding it's way deep into Travis' hole!

It was never a question of whether Travis would bottom for Jamie. It was only a question of just how much Travis would love it, how much fun Jamie would have totally drilling Travis' ass, and how hot it all would look and sound for us!

Answers? Travis loved it. Jamie had a blast. And it's all hot as hell to watch and listen to!

You simply have to see Travis literally worship Jamie's cock at the start, here! Whereas Josh looked a bit nervous and apprehensive at the prospect of taking on Jamie's cock previously, Travis looks like he simply can't wait to do anything and everything possible with it. He sucks it like a champ, slobbering all over every thick inch as Jamie moans and groans in appreciation.

"You want to stick this in me?", Travis finally asks. Jamie didn't need to be asked twice (and Travis, I'm sure, could have cared less what Jamie's answer was as he had every plan to get that dick in him no matter what)! We are soon treated to the sight of Jamie laying back, that huge dick pointing skyward, as Travis slowly lowers himself on to it!

As inch after inch of thick cock disappears into Travis' hole, Travis just looks like he wants it more and more. He's not going to stop sitting down on it until it is in him as deep as it will go. Then, once Jamie's cock is in him balls deep, Jamie starts to thrust up into Travis and get a loud grunt with each pump.

"Your dick his huge!", Travis exclaims.

That was by no means a complaint! Sure, Travis looks like he's straining and can barely take it but as he groans, "Oh, fuck me!" it's clear what he's really thinking.

Travis' own cock just gets harder and harder the more Jamie fucks him, too. He wasn't the rock-hard bottom we're used to seeing him be at first, as I think he was having a hell of a time trying to get used to the feeling of such a huge dick in him. But once he's used to it, loving it, and craving it more and more his cock gets stiffer and stiffer until it's straining, pulsing and leaking!

On his back, legs up, Jamie drilling his hole and stroking his cock, Travis starts to yell, "Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!" over and over again. It's obvious the combination of Jamie's stroking and fucking is pushing him closer and closer to cumming and he looks like he can barely take it anymore. We've seen and heard loud, powerful orgasms from Travis before but this one might just beat them all! He's completely rocked from head to toe by an amazingly powerful orgasm! Plus, his dick doesn't soften at all as Jamie continues to fuck him after he's cum!

Caked in his own huge load, Travis then gets covered in Jamie's as Jamie pulls his big dick out of Travis' ass to spray cum all over his abs!

Anyone out there with a 15'' dick? I almost feel like that's what we're going to need to keep Travis happy now!

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