Jeremy's Audition

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Jeremy's Audition

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Added: December 5, 2005 | Video Length: 09:48 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


A lot of times it can be hard to capture as much of a guy as I want to when filming them for the site. When we see them on video cranking one out or fooling around with another guy, we can see their face and we can see their body. We can see how their muscles flex and the expressions they make when feeling intense pleasure and approaching and reaching climax. We can hear their voices and see how they move; gaze at their dick, balls, ass and feet - parts of these hot young men we'd never otherwise get to see if they just passed by us on the street or we just ran into them in public somewhere. Strangely enough, though, there can often be no better way to capture a guy's personality and parts of them not so readily apparent on film and share it with all of you than to throw them in a room with a camera and let them do whatever it is they want to do for awhile. No direction, no requests, no guidance. Just them, the camera, and whatever their personality and own decisions make them do.

As much as I love doing what I can to get these guys to share as much of themselves as possible with you, when I got Jeremy to shoot some stuff with us I decided I was going to take myself out of the equation for a video and let it just be you and him. We've had a few of these style videos here on CF, and received a tremendous amount of positive feedback commenting on just how much people enjoyed the format and how it brought out so much of the guys' personalities, as well as how intimate and one-on-one it all felt. So, with Jeremy being quite the exhibitionist, having a very bright personality and being extremely comfortable in front of the camera (as well as really knowing how to put on a show), he seemed the perfect candidate to spend a little quality time in a room alone and on film for his audition. If you've been a fan of Jeremy's and enjoyed watching him before, then his audition vid should be a ton of fun for ya ;)

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