Joe's First Time

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Joe's First Time

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Added: September 15, 2008 | Video Length: 13:49 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


As you may know from his recent appearance over on ACS, Joe has finally come back to shoot some action after sparking our interest with his initial solo video that appeared here on ACM awhile back. Joe's a busy guy back at home, and so it took some time for schedules to match up and get him back out here for a shoot. But that day finally did come and I couldn't be happier! Likewise, CF fans that fell in love with his hot face, tight bod, and insanely cute personality will be thrilled to know he's back, and getting into some hardcore guy/guy action!

During the months he was busy with stuff back home and unable to make it out for a shoot, I kept in touch with him via e-mail, the occasional phone call, and text messages. We discussed the idea of guy/guy stuff and, while he was initially pretty hesitant, he finally decided he was up for giving things a try!

Knowing that Joe's equipped with a nice, meaty dick between those legs of his I was eager as heck to film him fucking another guy for the first time and so immediately set out to arrange for just that! Hot, young Matt happened to also be available when it came time to bring Joe out for his first foray into guy/guy action and so I decided pairing the two of them up would make for some hot action! Matt's always eager to have fun and put on a show and also makes a hot bottom, so I was confident he'd treat Joe right ;)

I didn't want to risk overwhelming Joe with the entire experience and so, before having him get into some hardcore action with another guy, I did get the chance to film him in a hot, bi 3-way. In it, he gets his first ever BJ from a guy! But, after waiting so long to get Joe back out for a shoot, I just couldn't wait to get his hardcore vid up on the site and so am putting it up here and now! Don't worry, though - that bi vid will be appearing over on ACS very soon!

Thank goodness for that bi "primer", too! Because Matt goes at him full force here! No doubt, Matt wanted to make sure Joe's first hardcore guy/guy experience was a good one. So he wastes no time in exploring as much of Joe's body as he can with his tongue before hungrily going after Joe's dick! Matt gets Joe worked up and hard in no time, and then it's time for Joe to lay back while Matt straddles him and lowers his ass down onto Joe's dick. The smile on Matt's face, while he bounces up and down, says it all!

After letting Matt control the pace of things for awhile, Joe then gets him onto his hands and knees so he can do him doggy-style for awhile. By now, Joe is in charge and having himself a blast as he drills Matt's tight ass! I think it's safe to say Joe's first hardcore guy/guy session went pretty darn well for him! :)

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