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Josh Fucks TJ

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Josh Fucks TJ

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Added: June 2, 2009 | Video Length: 21:56 Minutes | Photos: 14 Photos


This vid's a special one here at CF for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's just the second time Josh has ever fucked a guy. After he made his debut at CF, he instantly became popular! Giving Travis a hands-free cumshot while fucking him with that big, thick dick of his increased his popularity even more. When he got fucked by Dawson, losing his cherry for all of us to see, it only served to make us want to see more! And so, here he is, back in action with a guy, using that big dick of his on TJ.

Which brings us to the other reason why this is a special vid! It's been awhile since we'd seen TJ here at CF, as he'd been really busy and hadn't made it out to film with us in awhile. When he finally did return, he looked as hot as ever and put on one heck of a hot show teasing Dylan. As hot as that was, it got people even more fired up to see him here at ACM in action with a guy!

So, it's fitting these two are going at it with one another - Josh's second time fucking a guy, and TJ's long-awaited return!

The kissing at the start of the action really lets you know we're in for a good one here, as these two are a perfect match for one another. I guess I wasn't aware, when we started filming, just how horny these two guys were and how ready they were to get into some hot action. The kissing is deep and intense, and really matched only by the blowjobs that follow. From his initial awkwardness going down on a guy for the very first time, Josh really steps it up here. He doesn't only suck TJ's dick, but practically worships it. Looking up into TJ's eyes while he sucks him, you can tell both of them were insanely turned on by what was taking place. Indeed, when it's time for TJ to take Josh's dick into his mouth, it's as if he's going out of his way to return the favor Josh had just done for him and makes it a point to try and deliver the best BJ he can. After all, Josh's sucking got him to mouth, "I forgot how good that feels!", and he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to show Josh just how good a blow job from another guy can feel as well.

Both of these guys have hot asses, hot dicks, and hot bods. So, really, either would have made the perfect top for the other. It's Josh who gets to do the honors, though, and after some more making out and rubbing their two big dicks together, it's soon time for TJ to take Josh's cock into that hole of his.

You can tell he's ready and eager for it, his dick as hard as can be as he prepares to sit down on Josh's cock. Just how horny and ready for this was TJ? Despite having been away from CF for so long and not having had the pleasure of being with a guy in all that time, he wastes no time at all sliding his ass down on to Josh's dick and riding it hard and fast. Plain and simple - TJ wanted Josh inside him, and gets precisely that here! He doesn't take it easy, either, totally bouncing up and down on Josh's dick, panting and moaning throughout, his own hard cock swinging up and down while he does it!

I'm not sure TJ's ass ever looked as hot as it does with Josh's dick splitting it open and driving in and out of it! Soon, it's time for Josh to take over the pace, though, and starts to fuck his cock up into TJ. That gets quite the response out of TJ, and he's soon moaning even louder, his body writhing with pleasure. As they switch up positions, with TJ on his side and his leg up in the air as Josh pumps him, TJ looks like he couldn't possibly be enjoying this anymore.

Still being so new to it all, Josh has this mixture of emotions on his face. On the one hand, it's as if he can still hardly believe what's happening and just how good this all feels. On the other, he's hard and horny as hell and can't get enough of it all. As hot as these guy's bods are, they look stunning here!

By the time Josh fucks a load out of TJ, TJ's moans and groans have turned to whimpers! Once Josh sprays his own load all over TJ's back, both guys look as spent and as satisfied as they could be!

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