Kenny & Rudy Flip Flop

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Kenny & Rudy Flip Flop

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Added: September 27, 2011 | Video Length: 22:03 Minutes | Photos: 17 Photos


These guys and their pool sticks!

Kenny and Rudy are shooting pool. Sure enough, the smack talk quickly turns sexual. Rudy cracks some jokes and Kenny fires right back at him. Before the game is even finished, these guys are heading upstairs – to play with some hotter balls and sticks!

Kenny wastes no time pulling Rudy's dick out and sucking it. He strokes their cocks together, then kisses Rudy. He blows Rudy again, before standing up on the bed and feeding Rudy his dick.

Rudy has certainly gotten more verbal with his partners since he's started at CF – and I love it! He tells Kenny to lube his ass up and “shove that big cock in it.” Kenny does exactly that! Rudy keeps telling Kenny to fuck him and how good it feels.

Kenny drives his dick deep into Rudy's ass. Rudy smacks Kenny's ass as the guys kiss. Kenny says he wants to get fucked.

Rudy generally bottoms, so it's especially hot to see him top Kenny. Rudy slams his cock into Kenny's tight ass. And Rudy doesn't stop talking dirty while he's topping either. “You like that, don't you?” he says, as he grabs Kenny's shoulders to pull him even farther back onto his cock!

Rudy reaches around to help Kenny jerk off. Then he wants another ride on Kenny's dick! He crabwalks onto it and slides down. Rudy grinds on Kenny.

Kenny drills up into Rudy's ass. Rudy tells him to pound it. Kenny wants to take Rudy's cock again. He lies on his back and Rudy shoves his cock back in. Kenny strokes his cock as Rudy nails him.

Rudy wants to see Kenny come all over himself. He pounds Kenny harder. Kenny blasts his load all over his chest and abs. Rudy pulls out and sprays his load all over Kenny's abs.

To me, that's the way every pool game should end!

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