Kent Fucks Dru Sideways

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Kent Fucks Dru Sideways

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Added: May 24, 2011 | Video Length: 21:45 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Where does inspiration come from? It's the question artists and poets have asked throughout the ages. But at CF, sometimes our guys get inspired just from watching what some of the other guys have done before them!

After a hot photo shoot with new freshman Kent, Dru shows him some past scenes on his laptop. They check out some of the other CF studs in action. Dru decides he wants to come with Kent fucking him from the side.

The guys head to the living room to put their plan in motion. They kiss passionately. Dru loves to make a solid connection with the guys he plays with – and you can tell he and Kent are definitely bonding. He kisses Kent's muscled chest and abs.

Kent kisses Dru and rubs Dru's lean body, then grabs Dru's tight ass. Dru sucks Kent's cock, swallowing it deeply. Kent's breathing gets heavier as Dru deepthroats his stiff cock.

Dru moves into a 69 position so Kent can suck him as well. Kent lets Dru's long dick slide down his throat. Kent strokes Dru's cock as he gets face-fucked. Kent sucks Dru's nuts and strokes his own dick, before Dru goes back down on it.

Kent can't hold back anymore. He's ready for Dru to ride him! Once Dru is on top of Kent's dick, he leans backwards. Kent drills up into him.

Dru moans in ecstasy. He's loving the feel of the buff blond newbie's cock in his tight hole. Dru gets on his hands and knees and takes it doggy-style. Kent whales on Dru's ass, pounding it faster and harder! Dru loves it, and he pulls Kent into him, eager to take it all.

Kent slams his dick deep into Dru. He turns Dru onto his side, so he can fuck him sideways. Dru strokes his cock as Kent nails him from the side. Kent thrusts deep inside Dru.

Dru tells Kent to pound him faster. Kent fucks a huge load out of Dru! Dru shoots his cum all over his leg and the couch. Kent follows up, blasting his load all over Dru's balls!

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