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Kent Takes It From Travis

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Kent Takes It From Travis

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Added: June 2, 2011 | Video Length: 24:06 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Usually, the talking stops once the action starts. And sometimes talking during sex can get in the way. But somehow, the instant chemistry between Travis and new freshman, Kent, made the conversation AND the sex even hotter!

Kent hasn't bottomed before. But he's having a great time at CF. He was, as he says, “open to just experiencing it for myself.” Travis and Kent talk about their CF educations in general. Travis kisses Kent and he responds intensely.

While the guys kiss, they discuss Kent's previous scenes, and working out. They admire each others' bodies with their hands and words. Maybe that's why this is so hot … their words and actions fit together as well as their muscled bodies.

Travis can't keep his hands or lips off Kent. Kent's abs flex and ripple as he enjoys Travis' attention. Once Travis gets Kent's pants off, he's a little surprised by the size of Kent's nuts. “Oh, you've got some big ol' balls, huh?” Travis goes to town on those balls and cock.

Once Travis stands up to feed Kent his cock, Kent remarks on how big it is. He doesn't have any trouble with it though,. Travis asks how deep he can take it – and then slaps Kent's face and chest with his long dick.

Kent gets on all fours so Travis can see how he tastes. Travis spits on Kent's hole and rims him deeply. He also smacks Kent's bubble butt, before sliding a finger into that tight ass. Kent backs up, his ass hungry for Travis' big dick!

Travis says, “Let's see what you feel like.” He pushes his cock into Kent's hole and fucks him slowly. Kent gasps as Travis speeds up. Kent never stops telling Travis how much he likes it. “Oh, fuck yeah,” he says, over and over.

Kent is ass-up on the bed so Travis can pound him harder from a push-up position. Travis pulls Kent over on his side, and drills into him from behind. Kent strokes his cock as Travis kisses him while fucking his ass. Travis asks how Kent likes that, but Kent can barely talk now!

Travis slaps his cock against Kent's dick before pushing back inside him in a missionary position. “Don't fight me,” he tells Kent. “Don't fight me, let me in there, baby.” Kent does -- and he yells out as Travis jackhammers a huge load out of him! Cum sprays all over Kent's abs.

Pulling out, Travis drenches Kent's shaft and big balls with his cum. Travis continues to stroke their cocks together. Kent shudders from the intense sensation.

The guys take a shower. Kent tells Travis how it took a little while to be able to take his huge dick, but he loved it once he got used to it. The guys joke around as they clean each other up. Now, we might have to see how Travis does taking it from Kent!

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