Lucas & Cain Tag Travis

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Lucas & Cain Tag Travis

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Added: September 9, 2010 | Video Length: 18:06 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


This scene was so epic, I should have called it “Fuck of the Titans,” or “Cum With The Wind!” We've had requests to see Travis get tagged again. No surprises there – he's amazing at what he does. And who isn't waiting to see him give us another hands-free cum shot?

Dark-haired bodybuilder Cain and and golden boy Lucas are two of the best tops we've ever had on CF. Cain's aggressive sensuality and Lucas' experience and drive made them the perfect match for our insatiable powerbottom Travis. Even while they were still clothed, you feel the tension building between the three of them.

Travis' appetite for sex always excites the room. Cain and Lucas both bring such a dominant energy to their fucking. The mix instantly triggered the passion between them. All three guys are immediately all over each other, kissing and rubbing.

But it's Travis that ends up receiving most of the attention. The shirts fly off and the muscular top studs lose themselves kissing and licking Travis' smooth, defined body. Neither of them are shy about kissing Travis' pecs, neck, abs or nipples.

And Travis is hungry for it. He can't keep his hands off Cain or Lucas' strong bodies either. Cain reaches into Travis' pants to play with his cock and Lucas pulls those pants off. He kisses Travis' dick and balls through his underwear, but then Travis' hard dick pops out.

Cain and Lucas take turns sucking Travis. Lucas tells Travis to “get my dick hard.” As Travis blows Lucas, Cain spits on Travis' dick and goes down on him.

Lucas and Cain trade off. Cain teases Travis' mouth by smacking his cock against his face. Once Cain puts it in, though, he skullfucks Travis so fast and hard, it looks like a machine gun is firing off in Travis' mouth. Then Cain says, “I want you to fuck him.”

Holding Travis' legs up and forcing his shoulders flat on the bed, Lucas looks like an oil rig about to plunge deep into Travis' well. And when Lucas starts pumping, he pumps hard! Travis sucks off Cain, Cain sucks Travis' dick and all the while, Lucas drills away. “Give it to him good,” Cain says, clearly the foreman of this site.

Lucas pushes Cain's mouth down lower on Travis' dick. “I want a piece of that ass,” Cain says and he and Lucas swap places. “I got it all loosened up for you,” Lucas says. Travis tells Cain to stick that big dick in him. Cain starts jackhammering Travis. Travis' moans turn to stutters from the rapidfire fucking he's receiving!

Seeing Travis ride Cain's cock in a reverse-cowgirl position, Cain jerking Travis's head back by the hair and Lucas kissing and pinching Travis' nipple is a erotically primal scene. Cain's a caveman and he has a big club!

Flushed and sweating, Travis is ready to blow. Lucas jerks his dick for him and opens his mouth wide to catch Travis' load. Travis sprays upward and Lucas sucks his dick clean. Travis tells the guys he wants to taste their cum.

Lucas sprays first across Travis' open mouth then Cain shoots four long jets of cum from the opposite direction, finishing up Travis' double facial.

Cain and Lucas high five after kissing Travis and head out to get cleaned up after a hard afternoon's work!

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