Lucas Fucks Dylan

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Lucas Fucks Dylan

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Added: December 22, 2008 | Video Length: 20:31 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


You'll likely have noticed that we've been having two, fully-hardcore action updates per week. It's made things all that much more fun, as it gives me chances to film more action like this!

Since Dylan's clearly become quite comfortable getting into action with guys for us, it seemed the perfect opportunity to pair him up with CF super star Lucas. We all know Lucas can fuck like a champ, and we also have recently discovered that Dylan can take a pretty good fucking. So, I was pretty eager to see just what would come out of getting these guys together on camera!

The things kick off with the guys chilling and chatting for awhile, with Lucas asking Dylan questions about his time so far at CF and what he thinks of it all. Seeing the two interact was pretty fun, and Lucas always enjoys these talks - I think he genuinely gets a kick out of asking new guys questions and seeing if their answers are anything like his where when he first arrived at CF. They had a pretty fun exchange amidst their banter, where Dylan acknowledges Lucas is a good looking guy and that gets them to talk real quick about whether they'd rather be with a good looking guy or a not-so-good looking girl. I always wonder this about our straight studs, and even throw the question out to them now and then. While the guys are always able to acknowledge when another guy is clearly attractive and even appreciate that, it doesn't always translate in their being willing to take that guy over a girl that is, shall we say, homely. Bummer!

That's ok, though, as it's definitely not denying us the opportunity to see them in action together here on CF! Action is precisely what we get here, as you would have to expect when Lucas is the one set to top and Dylan's the one set to bottom! Dylan's cock is rock hard from the get go, and Lucas was ready and eager to pound him silly. Dylan's a leaner guy than Lucas, for sure, and that made it pretty easy for Lucas to move him around the room - and I mean the room and not just the bed! - and get him into whatever position he wants. I wasn't expecting any of it, and so found myself scrambling around trying to get into position with the camera to capture it all!

By the end of it all, Dylan has painted his tan, flat tummy with his load and Lucas adds his own load to the mix shortly thereafter - one of the biggest ones I can recall seeing Lucas shoot, at that! It all made for one of the wildest, hottest fucks I've filmed in quite awhile!

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