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Lucas Fucks Trey

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Lucas Fucks Trey

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Added: December 22, 2009 | Video Length: 19:21 Minutes | Photos: 13 Photos


One of the things I've come to really enjoy about filming Trey in action is how he can be so expressive. He's always got a hot look on his face, and one of the looks I enjoy the most is the one that betrays his anticipation and eagerness. That look is very apparent here, as he and Lucas first start to make out, and then Lucas works his way down to stroke and lick Trey's chest.

Trey can't hide the fact that he can hardly wait for what's in store, and wants to have as much hot fun as possible. He knows he's going to end up with Lucas' hard dick inside him, and his eyes make it obvious he wants that to happen as soon as possible!

The guys don't leap right into the fucking, though. First, Trey gets Lucas' cock wet and hard by sucking on him for awhile and swallowing as much of it as possible. Trey then stands up so that Lucas can work on his hard dick. Lucas does just that, bobbing his head up and down on Trey's cock, his lips wrapped around it tightly while he works the head, using a hand to stroke it up and down and play with Trey's balls a bit.

It's hot seeing Lucas on his hands and knees, sucking on Trey's dick and occasionally looking up so they can make eye contact. I don't think they'd said a single word to one another at this point, instead focusing on using their mouths to suck and lick as much of each other as possible. Their hands are constantly roaming across the other's body, their hard dicks rubbing together as they make out.

Finally, they do talk a bit - letting one another know they're both ready for some fucking! Trey immediately bends over in front of Lucas, and Lucas begins to guide his dick into Trey's hole. Trey starts to moan loud and deep, Lucas doing the same as he feels Trey's ass engulf his cock.

Trey looks like he couldn't possibly be enjoying this more, with Lucas' dick sliding in and out of his ass. Lucas also can't help but get totally into it once Trey starts to push back to meet his thrusts, eventually fucking himself on Lucas' cock for awhile!

They fuck doggy style before Trey gets up so that they're both on their knees, Lucas fucking Trey from behind. I have to say, this position looks insanely hot, and it only gets hotter the more Lucas gets Trey to work his ass back and forth, again fucking himself on Lucas' cock. We're used to seeing Lucas be in charge, but I think even he was caught off guard by just how good it felt to have Trey be so eager, pushing back to meet every one of his thrusts and constantly using Lucas' cock to fuck himself.

Eventually, Lucas just gets closer and closer to cumming, and has to take charge to make that happen! He leans forward, pushing Trey down on to his stomach, and starts to pump into him hard, fast and deep. Trey is face down, ass up, taking each of Lucas' thrusts and gasping in response. Lifting his ass up so that Lucas can fuck him deeper, Trey finds he gives himself enough room to reach under himself and stroke his cock. As he does this, he's soon shooting a huge load all over, moaning and whimpering as he does so. Lucas fucks harder and harder while Trey is cumming, and soon pulls out to drench Trey's back in his own load!

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