Mark's First Time

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Mark's First Time

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Added: July 6, 2010 | Video Length: 20:06 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


Pairing up the big and buff Mark with the lean-muscled Travis for his first guy/guy action scene would definitely include some strokes – but would they be strokes of genius or not?

Mark definitely looked nervous as we got ready to shoot. It's his first time doing anything sexual with a guy. While we definitely have experience easing guys like him into hardcore action, this military bodybuilder looked anxious. Mark kept a nervous grin on his face, but would he rise to the challenge of the more experienced Travis – who was all smiles and eagerness? I told him to let Travis just take the lead. It wasn't long before Mark took over and showed Travis that his nerves and his dick were made of steel.

They started kissing, but when Travis felt those enormous guns, he said in surprise, “Your arms are huge!” Mark starts flexing and Travis worships those muscles with his lips and tongue. He can't get over how built Mark is. And Mark's now totally at ease and enjoying the attention. He sees the effect his massive muscles have on another guy and he's getting into it.

Travis rubs and kisses Mark, still not getting over how rock-solid the guy is. As Travis takes off his shirt, he asks Mark if he's ever touched a guy's body before and Mark's grin is boyish. “No, I haven't.”

Travis keeps kissing and licking Mark's huge arms and chest – and Mark keeps flexing for him. Travis asks Mark how much he benches. “At least 350.” Travis then asks if he's ever done a “cock push-up.” Mark laughs and Travis gets down to helping him do his first one – inside Travis' mouth.

Mark leans back and enjoys the attention Travis gives his cock. He enjoys it so much, he starts forcing Travis down on his dick so hard and fast, even the experienced Travis has to take a breather. After a while, Travis says, “It's about time for you to take a taste.” He pulls his pants down and he's so hard, I thought he might shoot right then and there! It's clear he was into Mark's muscular body and cock, and I couldn't wait to see what happened next.

Initially, Mark had some trouble going down on Travis' long, thick shaft. But like a champ, he got into the game and swallowed it down. Getting a blow job from this hot guy drove Travis even wilder and he eagerly started riding Mark's cock. Travis' wet cock bounced up and down, slapping his tight abs as Mark drilled him from below.

But when Mark flipped him over and started fucking him from behind, Travis had to grip onto the bed. Mark definitely likes to work up a sweat. He pounded Travis like a machine gun, fast and furious. Mark pushed him onto his back and pumped his rifle into Travis for another couple of rounds. That made Travis blow an incredible load that shot up over his shoulder! Travis begged for Mark's cum in his mouth, saying “I want to taste it."

After Travis kissed Mark, he asked how his first time was, and Mark said, “Great!”

That only means one thing to me – it's time to pair him up with some more of our CF guys and start a 21-stud salute!

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