Micah's First Time

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Micah's First Time

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Added: August 6, 2009 | Video Length: 23:46 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


During his introductory solo video with us, Micah confessed to being quite the horn dog! He loves sex and has very few inhibitions when it comes to it, enjoying sex with both girls and guys! That being the case, I expected quite a bit from him here! I couldn't wait to see that sexual energy let loose on camera for us and with another CF stud and get a glimpse at Micah in action with a guy for the first time on CF.

I figured that Derek would make a great partner for him, as Derek has a great deal of sexual energy as well. He seemed a simple choice when it came to deciding which CF stud would break Micah in to guy-on-guy pleasure, CF-style.

As the action got going here, it was clear these two were definitely into one another and set to have themselves some fun! They kiss quite passionately, tongues dancing around and diving into each other's mouths, before getting down to sucking one another off and trading BJs. Micah obviously totally loved swallowing Derek's dick, working it over with his lips, and gripping and stroking it in his hand, and we're treated to the site of a string of spit between Derek's wet cock and those hot lips of Micah's! They go back and forth sucking one another's cock for a bit, before Micah gets Derek on to his back, his legs in the air, so he can bury his tongue in his ass. Not yet done with Derek's dick, though, he still can't resist alternating between rimming Derek's hole and sucking on his dick while he's down there - all of which has Derek writhing around and panting in pleasure!

Derek's dick is rock hard throughout, and that continues to be the case once Micah buries his own hard dick in Derek's hole and starts to fuck him. With Derek bracing himself on the bed and Micah fucking him from behind, his earlier pants turn into moans and groans. Micah's hard body is looking better than ever as he pumps and thrusts into Derek, occasionally reaching down to stroke Derek's hard cock while he fucks him.

Not surprisingly, Derek's the first one to blow his load - heck, he had looked like he was about to at any second almost the entire time Micah had him on his back and was fucking his hole! He fires off cum all over his ripped abs - something Micah seems to enjoy just as much as Derek does! With Derek's abs still soaked in his own load, Micah then pulls his dick out of Derek's ass to shoot his own, big load all over!

Filming the guys in the post-romp shower has become a favorite thing to do, and there's some of that here! While the guys are getting washed off and scrubbing all that cum off of Derek's body, you can see just how fascinated Micah is with Derek's body - something he can't help but confess a couple times!

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