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Added: January 16, 2004 | Video Length: 13:12 Minutes | Photos: 16 Photos


I met Paul after receiving his picture from a friend. When I first spoke to him, he was very open to the idea of doing modeling work, although he had not done any adult modeling before...but he was willing to give it a try. When he stepped off the plane, I was instantly struck by his good looks and his confident stride.

While we were waiting for his luggage, he pointed out two attractive girls who had both given him their numbers on the plane. They were giving him sideways glances when I looked up at them. I told him that he may not have the energy to meet up with each of them after a day long shoot....he just grinned and said he wouldn't be meeting with them individually.

On the way to the studio, we stopped off for a drink. Paul told me he is an avid rugby fan and plays for the Greek intramural team at his college, where he is currently a sophomore majoring in Finance. Even while we were sitting in the bar, the waitress was obviously hitting on him. I asked him how he liked being so popular with the women - and he said it dovetailed nicely with his high sex drive and his taste for a variety of women.

Paul was a bit shy at first when the cameras went on, but he quickly relaxed and went to work pleasuring himself. While driving him to his hotel, Paul called and made arrangements with the two girls from his flight to meet up with him. He told me afterwards that he nearly missed his flight the next morning because the three of them had sex long into the night.

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