Pete Fucks Mike

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Pete Fucks Mike

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Added: October 6, 2005 | Video Length: 18:19 Minutes | Photos: 21 Photos


I recently had Mike in town along with some other CF studs who were working on another project. It is always cool to get several of the guys together because I can better gauge chemistry between them and figure out who'd look hot fucking who by seeing them with one another, in person, interacting and hanging out.

Mike had recently agreed to pair up with another guy (CF fave Pete) for the first time, so long as we knew he'd be the top. As you can imagine, I was thrilled as hell! How events progressed next, however, took even me by surprise. As word got out among the guys that were hangin' out, everyone started to play around with Mike and crack jokes about how he was set to fuck a dude for the first time. The other guys were tryin' to scare him and freak him out. "Careful his ass don't squeeze your cock off!"; "If you have too much fun it means you're gay!"; "Pete likes to sneak his dick up in your ass when you're not payin' attention, so look out!" were all some of the jokes cracked at Mike's expense.

It was all in good fun and the boys were havin' a helluva time with it all, Mike included. But at some point things took on a different tone. As you can see from Mike's body, he's competitive as hell and doesn't back down from a challenge. He goes out of his way to have the hottest bod at the gym, studies his ass off to stand out among his classmates, always beats the guy next to him off the line at a stoplight, and practically had us shut everything down at the studio when his favorite college football team's game was on TV because he takes his sports very seriously.

When everyone started joking around about how bottoming pays better and he could make a killing if only he wasn't afraid of gettin' fucked, I about passed out when he took me aside and asked about getting fucked by Pete instead of fucking Pete. "If I'm gonna do this guy action, I might as well go for the gold," he said in so many words. I could hardly pull out the camera fast enough!

If Logan and Mason's duo blew you away, this scene will have you gasping for air!! Seeing a perfectly proportioned muscle stud like Mike not only get fucked for the first time, but literally pounded fast, deep and hard was almost too much - we even had to make this a two parter! You can tell how intense it all got for Pete, as he was absolutely soaked in sweat and dripping wet! Mike didn't disappoint, going all out at every point in this video! Whether it's sucking Pete's big dick or getting drilled up the ass, Mike not only takes it like a champ but gets so into it and eager I could barely believe what I was seeing! And his cumshot at the end is the kind of stuff highlight reels are made of!

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