Popping Scott's Cherry

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Popping Scott's Cherry

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Added: September 22, 2011 | Video Length: 24:39 Minutes | Photos: 17 Photos


I'm not sure who would have guessed I might pair Cameron up with Scott for Scott's first time bottoming. When Scott first came to the studio, he seemed pretty dedicated and intense. I wondered if all those years as a wrestler made him too disciplined to cut loose.

But we quickly discovered Scott is almost as much of a class clown as Cameron! These two got along great during the shoot. Then I worried that putting them together could have been too much craziness – but it turned out to be amazingly hot!

The guys kiss. Cameron licks Scott's nipple and kisses his abs. When he sucks Scott's finger, I know this is no joke - Cameron is turned on by this freshman!

Cameron grinds up against Scott as they kiss again. He pulls Scott's dick out of his boxer shorts, sucks on it and lubes it up with his spit. Scott is rock-hard as Cameron goes down on him! Cameron sucks on Scott's balls before sucking his cock again.

Scott spits on Cameron's hand so Cameron can lube up his own dick. Cameron stands up and feeds Scott his cock. Scott sucks it eagerly, and massages Cameron's balls. Cameron tells him he's doing that perfectly.

Cameron's eyes close as he enjoys Scott's tongue on his shaft. Cameron tells Scott he wants to bend him over and loosen him up. Cameron works a finger into Scott's virgin ass. In true Cameron style, he cracks both of them up, but things turn sensual again quickly.

Scott's ready for Cameron's cock. Cameron slides in gently. “That is … tight,” Cameron says. He moves onto Scott's back, and kisses Scott's neck, and ear.

Cameron thrusts in and out of Scott's hole. Cameron licks and kisses Scott's shoulder. Then, he pulls Scott back by the legs to the edge of the bed. He stands up and pounds Scott even harder.

Scott moans as Cameron smacks his ass. Scott lies on his back so Cameron can hold up his legs. Cameron drills into him missionary style. Scott strokes his cock and tells Cameron how good it feels.

Cameron fucks a nice thick load out of Scott! It lands all over Scott's abs. Cameron pulls out and blasts his huge load all over Scott's shaft and balls!

The guys kiss. Cameron tells Scott he did amazing for a first time. I have to agree!

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