Reece Takes Travis' Load

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Reece Takes Travis' Load

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Added: December 1, 2011 | Video Length: 19:26 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


Superstar Travis hooks up with rising star Reece – and the action is as hot as you can imagine! The chemistry these guys generate is explosive … as are their loads!

Travis wastes no time helping to get Reece's clothes off so he can lick and kiss that muscular body all over. The guys kiss passionately. Travis sucks Reece's cock long and hard.

Reece retaliates by licking Travis' lean muscled body and going down on his big dick. Travis likes the way Reece sucks cock so much, he lies down and tells him to suck it some more. Reece drives Travis crazy by sucking the head of Travis' dick with his pierced tongue.

Travis and Reece lube up. Reece climbs on top of Travis and slides all the way down his cock. Reece rides Travis, bouncing up and down on his dick.

Reece moans as Travis drills up into his ass. Travis smacks Reece's ass as he fucks him. Reece lays down and Travis shoves his cock back inside from the side.

Travis pounds away at Reece while sucking on Reece's finger. The redheaded bodybuilder tells Travis how great it feels. “Oh, yeah, fuck me,” Reece says. So, Travis hammers it home!

Travis shifts over to the missionary position. He holds on to Reece's ankles and sucks Reece's toes as he fucks him. Reece strokes his cock as Travis bangs him.

Without warning, Reece blasts his load all the way up to his neck! “Yeah, there it is!” Travis says. He keeps pounding, making sure Reece shoots out every drop.

“You wanna taste me?” Travis asks? Of course, Reece does! Travis pulls out and feeds Reece his big load. Cum splatters all over Reece's face. He sucks Travis' dick dry.

Travis kisses Reese, tasting his own cum. The guys horse around in the shower, and Travis shows off his new “helicopter” move!

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