Sean Tops Zeb

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Sean Tops Zeb

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Added: August 18, 2011 | Video Length: 20:54 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


It's great to have Zeb back!

After having so much fun in his first bisexual experience with Delila and Trey, he went home and hurt his arm in a work accident. It didn't take long for him to recover, but we certainly missed him. Now he's back and ready for more guy/guy action!

However, he was a little unsure about how it would feel bottoming for the first time. So he sought out his buddy Sean's advice. There's something really endearing about how he closely he listens to the veteran CF stud's experiences. And since Sean's definitely not shy about trying new things, he's the perfect coach for Zeb!

These are definitely two of the hottest new guys to become regular additions at CF. Sean's thicker muscles and rugged good looks are a great complement to Zeb's brilliant eyes and tight lean body.

The chemistry is so thick in the bedroom, I have to stop questioning Zeb and let them get down to it! The clothes fly off and the guys are kissing each other all over.

Zeb goes down hungrily on Sean's big cock. The pleasure on Zeb's face while Sean sucks his dick is evident. Sean climbs on top of Zeb so they can 69 each other. The sucking gives way to some hot ass-eating. I'm excited that Zeb doesn't hesitate at all, and follow's Sean's lead.

Sean spits on Zeb's ass. He plays with Zeb's hole, sliding a finger in and out. He lubes Zeb up and pushes his cock inside him. Zeb pants as he moans, “Oh yeah!” Sean spreads Zeb's legs wide and slams his cock in as deeply as he can.

Zeb flips around and tells Sean to fuck him. Sean shoves his cock into Zeb's ass from behind. The guys kiss and Sean strokes Zeb's dick as he fucks him. It's so good!” Zeb says.

It must be – because only a few seconds later, Zeb's huge dick shoots a big load all over his abs. Sean pumps his cock in and out of Zeb faster, then pulls out and dumps his load on top of Zeb. The guys kiss again.

I may have to re-watch this one a few more times … just in case I can be ready to give Zeb any advice he needs on future sexual explorations!

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