Shawn's Bath

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Shawn's Bath

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Added: January 2, 2006 | Video Length: 12:29 Minutes | Photos: 22 Photos


Well there was no way I was going to let Shawn get away without showing off more of that hot, smooth, lean body so it wasn't long before his first solo that I'd made arrangements to get him naked for us again.

This time around, I got Shawn into the bathroom, with a steamy hot bubble bath set up for him, and had him strip down to the buff to soak and stroke for awhile.

Are this young man's chest and stomach not a gorgeous sight?! I could just eat him up :) So wonderfully lean... just begging to have a pair of hands run down every inch of his body and feel him up. Don't get me wrong - I love a big, buff, muscular stud just as much as the next guy! But let's not forget how hot a tight, lean, smooth body is either! Complimented by that shaggy hair, those thin lips, bright blue eyes and cute face; Shawn sure is fun to look at!

You'd think that after doing this as long as I have, I'd have clued in to the difficulties a bubble bath introduces when filming a young college man jerk off. But it wasn't until he'd gotten into the tub that both Shawn and I realized we couldn't see him rub one out if his cock was under water and bubbles! Funny enough, it was Shawn who caught on to that before me, and made sure he kept his naughty bits in sight for us while jerking off. I guess I was too distracted by the gorgeous young man before me to have noticed that before I'd set the scene up :)

So let's thank Shawn for having the wherewithal to keep himself in full view of the camera while stroking that hot cock and bringing himself to an excited climax!

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