Simon's First Time

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Simon's First Time

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Added: April 28, 2009 | Video Length: 22:21 Minutes | Photos: 11 Photos


We certainly learned from Simon's tagteam over on ACS with his brother Elijah that he can fuck and knows his way around the bedroom! That performance brought "schwak" into the CF dictionary, and we've certainly had a lot of fun with that term since! We've already gotten to see Elijah deliver some schwak to another guy, but now it's time to see Simon doing that!

You'd think that having two brothers embark on the CF Education would make things easier with each of them - once one agrees to give it a go, the other would come along immediately. That's not really the case, though. Rather, both guys had a great deal if initial hesitation and I suspect that they're both being here was behind a lot of that. After all, if your brother is around and knows what's going on then there's someone close to you that is immediately aware of what you're up to! It's not so much a case of the cat being out of the bag so quick as it is the cat never really making it into the bag in the first place!

As you know, though, we were eventually able to get Elijah to give things a shot. Eventually, Simon decided to try it out as well! And so here we're treated to Simon having at his first time with a guy, with Travis on the receiving end!

Simon really gets sexier and sexier for me every time I see and listen to him. His mannerisms are just so masculine and... well... straight! The way he answers Travis' questions here and occasionally jokes around - all the while being reserved and so mellow - was really hot. The clear interest he has while looking down and seeing Travis work on his cock was pretty hot, also. His facial expressions were damn sexy!

In response to Travis asking him about whether he'd ever thought about doing stuff with a guy, Simon honestly answers that he thinks every straight guy would have a quick visual pop into their head at some point, but quickly does away with it, doesn't think much of it, and would certainly not act upon it.

That's before they come to CF, though. :)

Something that Simon would never have acted upon, thought much of, really considered, or ever done anything about is instead something he's not only doing, but doing for all of us to see - and with another hot young college stud - here at CF!

It's almost funny how Travis' comments throughout this vid almost channel what CF is all about.

"Have you ever been this close to another guy's dick?" He asks Simon.

"No. Never," is Simon's response.

"So you never sucked dick before?" Travis asks after taking his pants off and showing his cock to Simon.

"No. Never," is again Simon's response.

A split second later, Simon has the head of Travis' dick in his mouth and is sucking it, while jerking it off with his hand, too.

And just like that, two questions that had just been answered with "No" and "Never" can never be answered the same way again!

It doesn't stop there, though, as Simon is soon fucking a guy's ass for the very first time, making a bottom cum for the very first time, and spraying his own load all over another guy's back for the very first time.

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