Straight Stud Fuck Fest 4 Part 1

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Straight Stud Fuck Fest 4 Part 1

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Added: February 15, 2007 | Video Length: 25:07 Minutes | Photos: 9 Photos


Ya know, one of the awesome perks about having so many hot studs as part of CF's student body is that, beyond sizzling solos and scorching hot duos, we can film some really great group stuff! If it was entirely up to me, I'd be filming group videos every week! Unfortunately, they're not that easy to film - coordinating a whole bunch of guys and scrambling around the room trying to capture as much of the action as possible without missing great things that are surely going on all across the room is quite a bit of work! It's most definitely worth it when we do it, but each of these group videos truly is something special considering everything that went into it.

I don't want to prop myself up too much, though. These videos really are about the guys, and with studs like Lucas, Derek, TJ, Ben and Trevor going at it in Straight Stud Fuck Fest 4, it's hard to go wrong!

Lucas is the veteran superstar in this video, bringing this new generation of CF studs into full-on CF stardom for themselves with this fuck fest! Undoubtedly, Trevor, TJ, Ben and Derek are among the most popular of our new crop of studs, so it's fitting Lucas shares this video with them and ties together his own status as really our first straight superstar and all these newer guys' and the up and coming CF stars they are!

There is so much hard cock, ripped muscle, tight ass and stunningly great looks in this video that it's almost too much to take! There is so much sucking, stroking, kissing and fucking that you may want to buckle yourself into your seat as the action's fast and furious! Each and every one of these guys, alone, could carry a video and blow people away. Together, a mass of 5 of them, and we're talking a definite CF classic! I have a feeling that the servers will be burning up with this video, and countless cocks across the world will be blasting off mean loads to it as well :)

I get a ton of feedback e-mails asking for each of these guys in action and it'd be difficult to film individual videos with each of them. So throwing 5 of them together and fulfilling the requests of each of their fans works perfectly!! :)

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