Tevin's First Time

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Tevin's First Time

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Added: August 3, 2010 | Video Length: 19:17 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


There's something amazing about capturing a guy's first guy/guy experience on camera. Some guys shine, some guys get so nervous they can't perform. They wrestle with a lot of thoughts. And if they struggle too much in their heads, it can be a bad experience.

Our freshman wrestler, Tevin, had a great time with Delila. But it looked like he was having some difficulty mentally, thinking about squaring off with a same-sex partner. So it made sense to pair him up with the right guy.

Travis is the perfect grappling partner for first-timers like Tevin. His laid-back attitude helps everybody. Oddly enough, it was discussing girls that let them bond.

Tevin has a girlfriend that didn't know what he's doing. He talked about that and Travis could relate. After all, he'd started out the same way. Of course, now Travis' girlfriend knows about his extracurricular activity. But in talking to Tevin about how his own CF education began, the two guys connected. It made all the action afterwards feel a little more intimate and I feel certain there were times Tevin forgot we were even there filming him fuck another guy for the first time in his life.

Tevin smiles, but is obviously more nervous than in his session with Delila. He'd never done anything with a guy. Travis is going to be his first kiss. Luckily, he took my advice and enjoyed the ride.

Travis' kisses put him at ease. They slowly undress while kissing. Travis kisses Tevin's chest and abs, and then lays him down on the bed. Travis rubs Tevin's crotch through his jeans and that's when it got interesting.

Tevin wasn't hard yet. Travis asked if he should stop. And Tevin says, “ No.” Sure, these guys get paid. But they're not asked to do anything they don't want to do. In that moment, Tevin let go a little. The nerves were still there. But when Travis asks, “You don't mind if I play with this, do you?” and Tevin says, “No,” it was clear he was opening up to the experience.

He leans back and Travis licks his dick, then sucks it. Tevin's cock starts to stiffen. He looks at Travis sucking his cock, and you can almost read his thoughts in his face. “Holy shit. A guy is sucking my dick.” When Travis playfully says, “You've got something going on down there,” it makes Tevin even more comfortable with what's going on. Travis gets his shorts off and Tevin jerks his cock for him.

Tevin straddles Travis while Travis sucks his cock into full hardness. He tells Tevin he wants that dick inside him. So Tevin obliges. He fucks Travis, who of course, loves it. Having Tevin's cock inside him makes his own dick rock hard. Tevin works up a sweat as he starts pounding faster and faster. Travis asks how he likes his dick in that tight ass. Tevin responds by fucking him harder.

They start humping doggy-style, and it's not long before Travis is ready to blow. He splatters a huge load over the bedspread, yelling that he's cumming. But he tells Tevin to keep on fucking him. Tevin does, thrusting in and out furiously.

It's the perfect thing for Tevin, because moments later, he's about to come. He pulls out of Travis, rips off the condom and shoots his wad all over Travis' face and hungry mouth. He slurps it down and asks Tevin how it was. Tevin tells him it was amazing, and leans down to kiss Travis.

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