TJ Blows Leo

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TJ Blows Leo

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Added: September 24, 2007 | Video Length: 12:03 Minutes | Photos: 8 Photos


Every single one of our straight studs takes some time getting fully comfortable with the idea of having sex with other guys before they're able to really enjoy it for how great it feels, and Leo would be no exception to that when he agreed to give a guy/guy video a shot and get a blowjob from TJ. He agreed to do it, but kept bringing up how he'd never done anything of the sort before and how he was so nervous and anxious heading into the scene.

In fact, he was so insistent on how strange the whole idea was too him and so adamant it was a totally foreign concept to him that I kind of felt any of a few different scenarios were at play. One possibility is that Leo is entirely straight and was genuinely blown away by the whole notion of being in a guy/guy video that his behavior was completely natural. Another was that he actively liked to have sex with guys but didn't want to admit that to us and was going out of his way to deflect any such suspicions. Lastly, it was possible he'd never done anything with a guy, but had really thought about doing it and even wanted to do it and here at CF he was finally getting the opportunity.

I really wasn't certain which was the case as we got to filming - and didn't much care, really, as I wanted to see this cute guy blow a load with another guy - but suspect that Leo genuinely was experiencing something here at CF for the first time ever, and even something he'd never have even considered were it not for us. Remembering his video over at ACS where he was rock-hard from the get-go and fired up with incredible enthusiasm to pound his female partner silly, I couldn't help but notice how it took Leo a little while longer to get hard at the hands of TJ's hot mouth and hands and looked like a deer caught in headlights early on.

Either way, though, at the end of this video Leo couldn't help but reach an intense orgasm as TJ work's his hard dick and gets him off. That's what I like to see!

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