Travis Fucks Kenny

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Travis Fucks Kenny

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Added: November 30, 2010 | Video Length: 19:14 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


It's hard to believe, but Travis and Kenny have never played together! And with Travis taking on more of a top role these days, it seems like the perfect time to put these young studs together!

Kenny, laid back as always, is looking forward to playing with Travis. And Travis says he's always got sex on his mind! So I sit back and let them get to it! Travis kisses Kenny passionately, while feeling Kenny's hot abs.

Travis kisses and licks every muscle in Kenny's stomach. Neither guy can stop kissing, their bare chests sliding against each other as they lock lips. Travis pulls Kenny's jeans down and licks Kenny's already-stiff cock.

Kenny groans as Travis swallows his cock to the root, licking the shaft and stuffing it down his throat. Kenny goes down on Travis' huge cock, getting it wet and ready for what's coming. Travis jerks their cocks together. Kenny kisses Travis' shoulders and pecs.

Travis smacks Kenny's ass and goes back down on Kenny's dick. Pushing Kenny's legs over his head, Travis eats out Kenny's hole. Travis licks Kenny's balls briefly before driving his tongue deep down in Kenny's ass.

One thing about being an enthusiastic bottom, you know what another bottom needs – and Travis is giving Kenny everything he could possibly want! He teases Kenny's tight ass with his cockhead, making both of them groan with pleasure.

Travis shoves his thick cock deep in Kenny's ass. “Oh you're so tight,” Travis says. He starts ramming deeper inside Kenny, whose head lays over the side of the bed, his eyes closed in ecstasy. Travis pounds Kenny faster, then slows down, then faster. Travis tells Kenny to play with his dick as he fucks him.

Every vein in Travis' ripped arms and torso stands out as he fucks Kenny. Kenny hops on top of Travis' cock in a reverse-cowboy. The bed may not be able to take it from Travis drilling so deep up into Kenny's tight bubble butt – but Kenny can definitely take it! His stiff cock bounces up and down as he rides Travis' cock.

Travis gets Kenny bent over so he can take his cock doggy-style. He smacks Kenny's ass again as he rams harder and harder into Kenny's hole. Kenny can't take any more and he shoots a thick load of cum all over the bed as Travis continues to slam into him.

Travis keeps fucking, then shoots one of his patented loads up onto Kenny's shoulder. But that's just the first spray! A second huge jet squirts onto Kenny's lower back as well! Damn! Travis really is a fucking machine – top, bottom, sideways, it doesn't seem to matter – the guy loves to cum!

They kiss and Travis tells Kenny how much he loved fucking that tight ass. So say we all!

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