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Added: January 11, 2009 | Video Length: 22:15 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


Trey is definitely a welcome addition to the CF stable of studs, and was a real treat for me to shoot!

He's certainly a hottie, and photographs incredibly easily. He's one of those guys that you simply have to put in front of the camera, and he does the rest! He has some fashion modeling experience and also is very aware of himself, so always managed to get the perfect look on his face and get into the right position. I have to say, he was perhaps one of the easiest guys I've ever shot!

Trey's personality added to just how easy and pleasant it was to work with him. As you'll see in his interview, he's a really animated guy. He's always full of energy, eager to talk and share things, upbeat and in a good mood, and incredibly engaging. I particularly loved seeing him go from being clearly nervous at the outset of his interview here to being totally at ease and starting to genuinely have fun with it. By the end of the interview, it's almost as if he was sad it was over as he was having so much fun telling stories and talking to us!

The interview had to come to an end at some point, though, as he had to be given the opportunity to get naked! On top of his animated and friendly personality, he just keeps getting hotter and hotter the more naked he gets! Trey's definitely a looker, and that chiseled face with his puppy-dog eyes are complimented by a toned and defined body on what is already a tall frame. He knows he looks good, and doesn't shy away from sharing that fact. I certainly wouldn't disagree, and was thoroughly enjoying seeing him get naked and gradually reveal more and more of himself.

Eventually, it's time for him to beat off, though! When he does that, it's not long before his defined body is glistening in a layer of sweat and that hot face of his looks totally consumed by what's going on. We could tell from his interview that he gradually got very comfortable in front of the cameras and was having a lot of fun, and that carried over into how good he had himself feeling while stroking his hard dick and working his way up to painting his abs with his load!

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