Troy's First Time

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Troy's First Time

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Added: June 11, 2009 | Video Length: 22:54 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


Hot-bodied young diver, Troy, is back! This time around, he's taking a shot at some action with another guy for the first time ever, as he fucks Travis! We all know this is going to be as much about seeing Troy have his first sexual experience with another guy as it is about seeing Travis break a new guy in, and it's a hot one on both accounts!

The thought that I'd waited so long to get to film Troy in the first place, having been in touch with him for months before he was finally able to make it out to film a video with us, gave this one particularly special meaning for me. Just getting to film him at all was such a pleasure in and of itself. That he agreed to try fucking another guy was almost too much!

I think Travis genuinely gets some real pleasure out of knowing he's the first to do certain things with guys, and you can even see it in the way he asks certain questions, along with how he reacts when the guys answer. In this case, when asking Troy, "So you've never even been touched by a guy?", it's as if Travis is eagerly anticipating that "No" answer as much as he is the action that follows. Likewise, confirming Troy's never kissed another guy before just makes it that much more fun for Travis as he leans into make out with Troy and alter that question's answer forever!

Laying back on the bed, his ripped chest looking hotter than ever, Troy's rockhard dick is soon being expertly sucked by Travis, and you can tell Troy is liking every second of it. Travis uses every single technique he can think of - deepthroating, licking Troy's balls, teasing all around the head and shaft, alternating between fast and slow, among others - and it's clearly having quite the impact on Troy. He went from initially being a bit unsure of where to look and a bit uncomfortable with too much eye contact with Travis to being totally fixated on what another guy was doing to his dick and how he was making him feel.

By the time it was Troy's turn to get Travis' dick presented to him, he doesn't hesitate to stroke and suck and do his utmost to make Travis feel as good as he'd just been made to feel. As much as we all know Travis was looking forward to getting fucked, he was clearly really enjoying having Troy suck him, as well, pumping his hips a bit, sliding his dick across Troy's lips, and giving him some words of encouragement.

Soon, Troy has Travis bent over the side of the bed and is sliding his dick into his hole. Just as he was while first getting sucked by Travis, Troy shows an initial bit of hesitation. The guys often do, in fact! Likely assuming he needs to take it slow and easy on Travis - and getting used to such a new sensation himself! - he holds back from pumping too hard. All of a sudden, though, that changes. His pumps get harder, and the sound of flesh slapping flesh gets louder.

"You like that?!", Travis moans a couple times. To be honest, I wasn't sure if he was speaking to Troy or to himself!

Switching positions, the guys find themselves with Troy on his back, fucking up into Travis. Travis is a particularly hot guy to have in this position as you get to see his big dick bouncing around and swaying back and forth.

"Grab my dick!", he urges Troy, who does just that. Fucking up into Travis, Troy reaches around to stroke Travis' rockhard dick and jerk him off. That's all too much for Travis, as he erupts in a literal geyser of cum that shoots up into the air and lands all over his chest, abs, the bedspread, and goodness knows where else!

After Travis' load makes such a huge mess, Troy keeps things clean and simple with his own - shooting his load directly into Travis' eager mouth! ;)

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