Will Rides Kent

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Will Rides Kent

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Added: September 13, 2011 | Video Length: 17:12 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


After Will walks in on Kent pumping some iron, the real workout begins!

New freshman Will is impressed with Kent's strength – and his muscles. Once they get to the bedroom, he's even more impressed. The guys kiss, eagerly feeling each other and pulling off clothes. In fact, the guys had an instant chemistry, and couldn't stop kissing throughout.

Kent slides his way down Will's torso to put Will's cock in his mouth. Kent strokes and sucks Will's dick. He massages Will's balls, then smiles as he goes up to kiss Will's nipples.

Will can't wait to get his mouth wrapped around Kent's thick cock. He goes down on Kent – at least until Kent pushes him back down on the bed. He's ready for more than oral!

Kent strokes their cocks together. He lubes up his dick and Will's hole as Will watches with anticipation. Kent teases Will's ass with the head of his cock, then slams it inside.

Kent pounds away. Will holds his dick tightly. I think he didn't want to stroke it, because having Kent's big dick shoved inside him might make him shoot immediately!

Will gets on his side. Kent bangs him from behind. Kent holds up Will's leg and kisses him, ramming his dick in faster and faster.

Kent's getting his cardio in! He fucks Will furiously. Even when he slows down, his intensity doesn't. Kent lays down and Will climbs onto his dick. Kent drills up into Will's ass. Will's getting the ride of his life with Kent!

Will blows his load all over Kent's chest and abs. Kent keeps stroking Will, squeezing out every drop. Will climbs off Kent, and Kent blasts his own load on top of Will's!

I'd say that's one of Kent's more fun exercise regimens!

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