Zeke Fucks Travis

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Zeke Fucks Travis

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Added: February 25, 2009 | Video Length: 21:29 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


One of our newest young studs, Zeke, is definitely packing! That big dick of his is one of his most appealing features, no doubt, and also one of his traits that CF fans seem to be enjoying the most! Of course, his hot body, incredible eyes, and handsome face don't hurt, either!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw Zeke's cock and quickly thought to themselves, "He's got to fuck Travis with that thing!"

Heck, truth be told I suspect Travis thought the same thing when he first heard Zeke was packing! Travis has become CF's current uber-bottom and I don't think there's anyone in our roster who enjoys getting fucked as much as he does. While, with girls, he likes to be dominant and in charge, when it comes to being with guys he likes the tables turned on him and goes wild when he gets the daylights fucked out of him!

This video turned out to be one of the hottest I think I've ever shot, even though it started out so slow that I almost thought it'd turn out to be a total disaster. While filming the early portions of the action here, I kept wondering just why things were moving so slow. Sure, there was some hot kissing and Zeke's nervousness made things kind of hot in my eye. Further, you could sense Travis' eager anticipation as things got going and he started working over Zeke's dick with his mouth and hands.

Despite all that, however, once things got to the fucking I was wanting more. As Travis lowered himself on to Zeke's cock, Zeke seemed like he was holding back and Travis ended up holding back some on account of that as well. I think Travis felt Zeke wasn't quite ready for any wild and intense fucking and so was hesitant to turn things up a notch.

When I discovered the real reason Zeke was holding back, though, I found it all so damn hot I thought, "This one's a winner!". The reason Zeke was holding back once he got his dick on to Travis' hole was he could barely keep himself from blowing his load! Barely into the video, he was ready to shoot. What initially looked like Zeke gripping the base of his dick while Travis rode him in an attempt to overcome difficulties in burying that big piece of meat into a tight ass turned out instead to be Zeke trying to grip his dick so tight that he'd hold back the cumload that was on the verge of blasting out at any second. Finally, unable to hold out any longer, he pulls his cock out of Travis' ass, rips the condom off, and fires a load all over his tight abs!

Travis could hardly believe it! I could hardly believe it! Zeke could hardly believe it! Zeke wasn't done yet, though! This guy is a stud through and through and his cock didn't soften the slightest bit even though he'd already cum. Wanting more of that dick and knowing he had a little more time to work with now, Travis suggests they keep fucking and Zeke readily agrees.

Soon, it's not long before we're seeing the fucking we knew these studs were capable of! Travis takes Zeke's big dick like a champ and you can tell he's on cloud nine the entire time. Zeke is also fired up and horny and loving the fact that he can work a tight hole hard and fast with that big dick of his.

Eventually, it's Travis' turn to cum and he shoots a massive load all over the place! That puts Zeke over the top again and he instantly pulls out to blast his second load of the session and adding his cum to Travis'!

So, if you think this vid starts off a bit slow... keep watching! It gets pretty darn hot, trust me! And both Travis and Zeke would agree!

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