Aaron & Cassie

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Aaron & Cassie

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Added: July 29, 2008 | Video Length: 12:39 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


We've all been eager to see muscular young Aaron in action since he first appeared over on ACM! He has a great body, is totally ripped, and has a nice, big dick that looked pretty darn hot when he stroked a load out of it in his intro solo video!

Beyond just his physical appeal, Aaron's truly a sexual being! He loves to get off and has no inhibitions about whether he does just that with a guy or a girl! He caught me off-guard with his revelation that he's bi, but that only made me want to see him in action even more! He oozes sexual energy and loves to have himself a fun time, and so I was excited to capture him doing just that on camera.

Once things got going in this vid, Aaron surprised me yet again. I expected him to just pound away, furiously and excitedly, and just drill the living heck out of his partner. He just seemed like the kind of guy that would do that, for some reason! But instead, he shows himself to be quite the intimate guy! He takes things slow and easy at first, and his fucking emphasizes the long and deep rather than hard and fast. He's a lover, not a fighter ;)

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