Aiden & Ashley

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Aiden & Ashley

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Added: November 24, 2010 | Video Length: 18:33 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


If you thought our new hunk Aiden's solo was hot … be careful. Watching him fuck Ashley could give your hands blisters from jerking too much!

Aiden's extremely verbal during sex. And Ashley doesn't have any problem telling a guy what she wants, either. Add to that the instant chemistry these two have and well, I think we have an instant classic on our hands.

Ashley teases Aiden as they kiss. She tells him she's going to make him work for it. She kisses and rubs his hard, muscular body. Aiden says he loves her boobs. He continues to compliment her as they kiss each other all over. Ashley tells him she wants to taste him.

She sucks his thick tool. Aiden's cock stiffens in her mouth. He can't stop moaning and telling Ashley how amazing she is. “Suck my balls, please,” he asks. She does.

“You have such a pretty pussy,” Aiden says. He ravenously eats her out. She tells him to be gentle, to tease her. Aiden slows down. Ashley writhes in sheer ecstasy. He knows exactly what hits her spot – and right now its his tongue and fingers!

Ashley tells him she wants to enjoy every moment with him. I don't blame her! Aiden is like some kind of sexual god, who instinctively knows how to drive her crazy. Ashley gets on her hands and knees and Aiden makes her tell him how bad she wants his cock.

She begs for it and Aiden shoves his massive dick inside her. He groans, loving the feel of her lips tightening around his cock. “You give me chills,” Ashley says as he pounds her. She grabs onto the edge of the bed. There is serious chemistry here. As we're filming it, we're all a little excited to see what will happen next.

The veins in Aiden's muscular torso bulge and his abs ripple as he fucks her. He tells her to play with his nuts. Aiden spanks Ashley's ass. She definitely feels every inch of his long dick. “You fill me up so tight,” she says.

Ashley climbs on top of him. She bounces up and down, sliding all the way down Aiden's huge cock. He drills her from below, and she goes crazy. He kisses her tits, then rolls her into the missionary position.

She yells from sheer delight. He's fucking her like an animal now. “I fucking love your pussy!” he shouts. He slams balls-deep inside her. “You've got to come for me,” she moans, barely able to breathe. “Oh my god, I want you to come!”

An insane thick load rockets out of his cockhead. Aiden yells. His whole body shakes as he orgasms. His cum sprays all over Ashley's stomach. She strokes every last drop from his cock. Aiden kisses her and tells her again how “absolutely amazing” she is.

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